Three Reasons You Should Consider A Website Redesign in 2022

By on 02/28/2022

In this day and age, it’s incredibly important that your business has a website that will help you put your best foot forward. Your website is essentially the first impression that most consumers will have of your business, and few successful businesses today function without one. With that being said, it’s not enough to have a website. You will also need to consider a website redesign every few years, ensuring that your site is up to date and ready to go. After all, about 75% of a website’s total credibility comes from its overall design.

2022 could be the perfect year for you to have your website redesign executed. Let’s look into some of the reasons why.

1. Mobility Accessibility

Believe it or not, many websites are not truly mobility accessible. What does it mean for a website to be mobility accessible? This means that your website is easily accessible on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Although most websites can technically be accessed through mobile devices, many of them suffer in terms of appearance and functionality. Websites need to be efficiently adjusted before guests can fully view them on mobile devices. Mobile accessibility should be one of your chief concerns if you’re considering a website redesign for 2022, as most people today do look up sites on their mobile devices.

2. Performance Issues

Consider how well your website is performing on the internet; not only in terms of how well it is functioning but in terms of how easy it is to search for. A website redesign can potentially make your website more searchable, especially if it offers the opportunity for more SEO. This could include incorporating more blogging spaces into your website, or more opportunities for SEO to become entrenched in the site itself. The fact is that it’s difficult for websites to get noticed in today’s world without SEO, so it must be taken seriously.

3. Updated Templates

Many websites are created through the use of templates. If your website was made using a template 10 years ago, it may be out of date today. With that being said, it’s important for websites to be regularly updated with new templates. This will increase your website’s appeal and the consumer’s trust in your business.

Your website is in many ways the face of your business, so you should take it seriously.

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