The Tracking Piece You Are Missing With Your Marketing Campaigns

By on 08/20/2014

If you are running marketing campaigns and tracking ROI and effectiveness, there is probably a key piece of data you are missing.

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Welcome to 2-Minute Tuesday…

I am Joel Black with Black Bear Design

Today, I am going to talk about the missing piece of information in your online marketing campaigns.  First, before I start to talk you about what that missing piece is, I want to talk to you about the Pieces that you probably are getting; you probably have a lot of tracking software installed on your site.  Maybe it’s as simple as Google analytics and maybe you are tracking some basic user behaviors, such as pay per views or time on page and funnel on how they are kind of using the site; maybe you are step above that and maybe you are doing heat map tracking where you are tracking where the mouse is going on the page.  Maybe you have some video tracking and you are tracking actually how users are using your site. You are getting a lot of information from that-you are using Google Adwords, pay- per-click campaigns, and maybe you are even tracking conversions-how people take action; maybe they fill out a form on your website and you track that conversion and that is how you “tie” in all the pieces together and coming up with your ROI for those campaigns.

So the piece that you could be missing and that is going to have a huge impact on determining the effectiveness of campaigns is:  what if someone picks up the phone and calls you, maybe they go to your website or on your home page, you can’t track that back through any kind of conversion data on your website because you don’t even have that piece or you don’t even know if that piece exists so this is to kind give you an idea of the way if it does exist, and there are a couple of ways that you can implement that:

First way is, if you are using Google Adwords, there are phone number extensions in Google Adwords and what you do is you put your phone number in and you click a link in there that says, I’d like to use Google’s phone number, so what happens is  when you ad shows up, someone can call, that gets that phone number that tracks the conversion and then forwards over to your phone number so the user doesn’t know that anything is happening, but you do get that data in your reports then you can really tell if that adword campaigns-you can get a true picture-you can tell if it is really effective.  If you have people calling you 25% of the time your conversion report could be 25% off and so that will help you kind of wrote that in and help you get a clearer picture of what is going on with your adwords.  The problem with this is it only works with adwords; since you are using Google’s phone number and their system to do this, it will only track Google adwords campaigns and even more than that, most likely it is only going to capture mobile ads, because that’s where you get the click to call and that’s where it is going to get conversion; it isn’t going to help on desktops-it doesn’t really help on any other offline campaigns or any other campaigns.

There are, however, other systems that are perfect for that.  There is something called Dynamic Phone Number Tracking that can be installed on your website, as long as your number is in a text format, then, it will dynamically change your phone number on your website based on the campaign that it is coming from.  You can track all kinds of campaigns with this; you can track social media, you can track online campaigns, and any kind of offline campaigns, even print media.  What you are going to do is have a special URL from each of those phone numbers; and it is just your domain name with a tag on the end.  You put that on any media that you send out and when someone calls in, they go to your website and put in your domain and that special code and that phone number is going to change on your website and when they call in, that will close the loop back to the campaign.  Also, you will be able to record the phone calls; so if you are bringing on new sales people or new support people, it will be an easy way to say, “Listen to these phone calls and this will help you determine was this is a good call or a bad call- was this a good lead or a bad lead”, plus you can tie in all this into your campaigns and get a much clearer picture of your ROI- your campaign effectiveness.

So with Dynamic Number Tracking there are a few companies that do it and it is easy to install, there is, of course, a price for that; Google that  if you are interested and it’s easy to implement.  If you need some help, we would be more than happy to help you with that.

I am Joel Black and this is another 2-Minute Tuesday.

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