The Role of the Account Manager in a Website Design Project

By on 12/14/2020

The website design and development processes are highly collaborative. Many members from both the client and agency side need to work together to complete the project on time and within budget. During that time, points of contact change, the project is handed off from one party to the next, and there are many moving parts to keep on track.

To keep everything flowing smoothly and correctly, the account or project manager must be the main point of contact for both sides, relaying information and translating needs so that the content and development team execute all criteria and deliverables. The account manager’s job is not easy, but that person acts as the lynchpin for the whole project, and without dutiful management, the entire project will fall apart.

The Train Conductor

Websites take a long time to build, and with so many people working on a single project, it can be hard to keep everything moving on time. One of the most significant roles the account manager has to take on is being the logistical director for the whole project. The account manager has to wrangle both sides to schedule meetings, meet with clients, translate client needs to the development and content team, and much more. Accomplishing all these goals is no easy feat!

Without the account manager directing everything, the development team will never be able to hear the client’s needs, the clients will never get to make edits or suggestions during the process, and the overall final product will suffer immensely. The account manager needs to work internally to ensure each team member understands their responsibilities and time to work while also communicating with the client about timelines, budget, and their duties on the project.

The Scope Creator

Before the project ever officially begins development-wise, the account or project manager needs to sit down with the client to discuss the scope of work and the current proposal for the project. Without this determination early on, the project will never get off the ground, or even worse, the development team may spend hours of their time building something the client never even wanted.

Of course, the scope can change throughout a project. Still, a change of scope meeting needs to be scheduled by the account manager to make sure the proposal is correct budget and time-wise, as well as all deliverables are being followed up on and adhered to for completion. Confirming the scope ensures that both sides are being treated fairly in terms of time and money and that in the end, the client receives work they love that the development team is proud to have created.

The Client Advocate

The most important job the account manager has, the role all account managers at Black Bear focus on, is advocating and serving as a liaison for the client. The account manager works to usher the project along and update the client on timeline estimations and the development process. But more than that, that account manager looks out for the client’s best interest, working with the development team to determine if a piece of the project is worth pursuing or if another avenue is better.

Websites are quite the investment, and to make sure the client gets their money’s worth, the account manager works to make sure that all decisions and investments made are sound and beneficial for the client. The account managers at Black Bear work with every member of our team to make sure the best decisions are made and that we produce the highest quality websites for our clients.

Black Bear Design Creates High-Quality Websites for You

No matter your website project’s size or scope, Black Bear will deliver a beautifully designed and highly functional website for you. Our account managers work with you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the website you deserve to fit your needs.

Black Bear Design is a leading design and full-service agency dedicated to creating well-designed and highly functional websites for our clients to develop leads and make conversions. Our team works carefully across all areas of our agency, from writers to developers to designers, to make sure we create websites that exceed our clients’ expectations. Black Bear Design is ready to help take your marketing and advertising to the next level with our website design and development.

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