The Mobile Revolution: How to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy for the Mobile World

By on 05/22/2015

What is the Mobile Revolution?

Globally, mobile technology is in the throes of redefining what companies can accomplish. What was, in the beginning, considered only an on-the-go convenience, has now developed as the primary source of information and communication across the globe. Never before has the entire world been so quickly enamored – even obsessed – with emerging technology like that of mobile technology. With this global phenomenon of consumers comes the need for reliable, up-to-the-minute information and practical application.

Companies are only just beginning to understand the full potential of mobile optimization for their businesses, but the tidal wave is fast approaching. We’ve written about this before, but to sum it up:

  • Mobile technology is disrupting every industry, with the potential still not yet fully understood.
  • It’s not just about smartphones, but includes other technologies such as robotics and sensors.
  • Businesses shouldn’t isolate mobile communication in their marketing; they should consider how to integrate mobile in all the of their media channels.

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Is your website optimized for mobile users?

Your company website is the first – and most lasting – impression of your business. Make sure they can view it properly from anywhere.

Google recently changed its search algorithm, and the changes are bound transform the way mobile friendliness is determined. As of April 21 of this year, the new algorithm was slowly rolled out worldwide, affecting mobile searches in all languages. While it’s not altogether clear how the algorithm will work, the changes will affect the way Google evaluates a website’s mobile responsiveness, and those sites with mobile-friendly capabilities will automatically rank higher than before.

More than 60% of all Google searches are conducted on mobile devices, so it makes sense that Google wants to benefit from this traffic while also ensuring the best possible experience for its users.

How to improve your website’s google rankings

If you’re not certain your site is mobile-friendly, visit Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if it’s mobile responsive. Even if your site tests well, now is the critical time to implement a mobile marketing strategy.

  • Be sure the mobile version of your site is active, functional and responsive.
  • Ensure Google’s mobile bots can crawl your site. If Google can’t see it, what’s the point?
  • Check each individual page of your site on a mobile device to determine if everything translates well to mobile and functions correctly. Just because your home page is mobile friendly doesn’t mean the rest of your site is.

At Black Bear, we understand the importance of making an immediate and professional statement with your website, whether on a desktop computer or mobile device. Talk to us and learn more about how to optimize your website for the mobile world. Black Bear Design is here to help.  Get started now. Contact us here.

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