The Importance of Design in Branding

By on 08/25/2020

When you introduce your company, product, or even yourself to the consumer world, you have only a few moments to make a worthwhile impression. Within a digital setting, you have an even smaller window of opportunity. Branding affords you the opportunity to break through other advertising and create an interest in your brand.

While there are many elements that go into creating your overall brand, design is your first impression, the visual representation of your brand voice. Good design is at the foundation of all good branding, and good branding is the difference between becoming a new sensation or just another company to breeze by on Instagram.

Design is Key

They say brevity is the soul of wit, and we couldn’t agree more. We like to add an additional step and say design is the life of your brand. Design can make or break how someone perceives you, your product, or your company. Our team focuses on bringing high quality, engaging design to a brand across the board. Logos, websites, banners, infographics and more!

Digital marketing is all about communicating a lot of information to a consumer in a very short amount of time, even shorter than traditional marketing. If someone is scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you only have a few seconds to break their scroll and make them notice you. How does this happen? With creative design built to stand out in the forest.

Developing Design for Branding

The Black Bear team is a cohesive unit. From account managers and copywriters to designers and web developers, we work together to asses, design, and create a vibrant and engaging brand to help you succeed.

Our team helps you find the right typography, color palette, form, and all the aspects of brand design to complement your brand voice and create an identity that gets you noticed and completes conversions. We are experts in marketing with sharp eyes for design, and we know how to stand out.

Finding Your Identity

Knowing and establishing your brand identity is crucial. Without a cohesive identity, consumers are not going to remember or recall your product or company when it comes time to purchase. The biggest and best brands in the world all understand the importance of brand identity and have painstakingly crafted theirs to become some of the most recognizable names in the world.

To understand your identity, you have to understand yourself. You have to ask some very important questions to first establish what you want your identity to be.

What do you do?
What is your mission?
What problems do you solve?
What are you looking to say?
What makes you unique?

These aren’t always the easiest questions to answer but knowing who you and your brand are will guide you in creating the right identity.

Some brands are funny. Some brands are serious. Some are a combination of the two. The most important thing is to be genuine and stick to who you are and what you know.

The Finer Details

When you have thoroughly established who you are, then you can start working out the finer details that make up a brand. Fonts, colors, and more are all part of what make up a brand. From voice to visuals, having a creative and well-designed brand can make all the difference.


Font choices, or typography in industry terms, can say a lot about your brand before your audience even reads the words. Choosing the right font plays a big factor in your design as different fonts can express different sentiments, like seriousness, lightheartedness, traditional, or modern. Choosing between serif or sans serif, modern or classic, or any other type of font is a major factor in your brand development. Our team works with you to provide options to help you choose the strongest representation for you brand.


Looking for a way to express feelings and emotions without a single word? Color is what you need. There is a very unique psychology in color that really helps establish a certain tone and voice in design for a brand. We see blue as soothing and calm. We see green as earthy and the start of life. We see yellow as a warm and exciting option, and we see red as passion and powerful. There are so many color options to choose from, all that elicit different feelings and purposes. Our designers know what colors make the best statements and infuse them into your brand design.

Black Bear Design Can Create High-Quality Design for You

Crafted, quality design is a crucial element to all campaigns, and is the foundation to which good brands are built upon. Black Bear Design is a leading design and full-service agency dedicated to creating remarkable graphic design for our clients to help turn content consumers into customers. Our design team works carefully with the other members of our staff from writers to developers to make sure we make only the highest quality content. Black Bear Design is ready to help take your marketing and advertising to the next level with our graphic design.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you stand out in the graphic design forest.



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