Step By Step SEO Part 4

By on 11/3/2011

So this week in part 4 of our Step By Step SEO series, we will set up additional reporting and set up ads on Facebook.  This will give us another outlet for PPC marketing and immediate results in our traffic.  If your just joining the series, you might want to start back at Step By Step SEO Part 1.

So first, lets dive right in to Facebook PPC.  In our Step By Step SEO Part 3, we set up Google Adwords.  We created a specific ad and sent the user to a specific page within our site that matched the ad content.  We are going to do the same thing here.  We are focusing on a certain set of keywords we feel will make the phone ring and close deals.

Facebook Advertising

First we are going to design an ad, sending it to an external URL, which is the URL on the website we are promoting.

Facebook Ad Setup

Facebook Ad Setup

Next we will set our target area, which is Atlanta and just around Atlanta.  We will also set our age group, which is basically everyone over 18.  We can set many variables in the targeting, that is what is so great about Facebook advertising.  We are going to keep it pretty broad in this case, which opens us up to around 2 million people.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook Ad Targeting

Finally, we will set our daily budget and max cost per click.  Its quick and easy to set up a Facebook ad.  I have not seen a lot of ROI on Facebook ads, but they are cheap and you can really dig down to your clients demographics, so its worth it.

Review Our Last Analytics Report

So in our last report, we call a couple small traffic spikes.  Our direct traffic, or users typing the address directly in their browser, is 54%.  Our search traffic is 29%, which we are going to try and switch those.  We want our search traffic to be the larger percentage.  One thing to note is our bounce rate, or people finding the site and hitting the back button, is 0%.  That is unheard of!  A decent bounce rate would be around 30-35%, and the less the better.  So users are finding the site relative to what they are looking for.

More Tracking

Next we want to set up some additional tracking.  For our general tracking efforts, we use Google Analytics.  For a much more in-depth report, we use Web CEO. Web CEO is a in-depth system that can be overwhelming for a self-seo user.  But they do have a trial account so that you can give it a whirl. 

WebCEO Website Optimization

WebCEO Website Optimization

Web CEO has a very complex system that will take you hours to set up.  But once you have it set up, you can see where you can do many improvements and track how those changes affect your rankings.  You can also track your competitors and spy on them.  This is where it is beneficial to hire a professional SEO company.  This service s difficult to set up, expensive in cost and take a lot of time to manage and understand.

Continue on to Step By Step SEO Part 5.

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