Step By Step SEO Part 3

By on 10/24/2011

This week in Step by Step SEO, a real world example of a week to week SEO process for an Atlanta Attorney, we will continue with organic SEO, and add in a little search engine marketing to jump start results on our reports.  Organic SEO takes a while, but not everyone wants to wait.  So you mix in a little pay-per-click keep spirits strong.

If you haven’t ready Step By Step SEO part 1 and Step by Step SEO part 2, you might want to catch up first by reading those.

First this week, we are submitting the site to the Open Directory Project.  The ODP is a directory of websites that is manually reviewed and entered by a real person.  Each site is reviewed before being posted, so it is a pretty legitimate directory as far as non-spam entries.  Google is said to weight entries in this directory very heavily.  So to enter your site to the directory, go to the ODP, drill down to your category and click the “Suggest a URL” from the top right corner.  It may take months to actually be listed.  You can see we had a successful entry here.

Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project

Next, let just run a check and see if we have any sites linking in to us yet.  We do that by going to Google and typing in the search box, then click “Sites Linking To Marks Law Group”.  Nothing yet, but we are referenced on 112 sites, which is a good start.  Another trick is to the the url in quotes, that will pull up all your pages and page titles.  Looks like our site hasn’t been reindexed with all of our new page titles.  So that might take another week.

Marks Law Group Pages

Marks Law Group Pages

So next, lets look into Google Adwords.  A lot of users will get into Adwords, set up a generic ad, pick hundreds of keywords and send all the traffic to the homepage.  This is incorrect.  Like I tell my clients, how many times have you click a $99 flights to Florida ad and get to the homepage of Expedia?  I want to see the $99 flights to Florida, not Expedia’s homepage.

So I am going to set the first ad up with about 10-15 keywords and send them to a specific page on the website.  Im not going to disclose what, but the important thing is the keywords for the ad have to match the words used in the content of the page.  Google also ranks ads as well.  You may pay more than a competitors ad if they have a more relative ad.  its called a Quality Score, and you need to get as close to a 10 as possible.  Our ad is under review at the moment, but we did get a 7 out of 10.

Google Quality Score

Google Quality Score

We will check back in on this ad next week.  Google can take up to 3 days to approve an ad.  Stay tuned for Step by Step SEO Part 4, after we review the report and make some additional changes to the website to try and increase our grader score.

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