SHAKE IT UP! What Richard Simmons Can Teach Social Media Marketers

By on 02/11/2013

Get Active With Social Media

Social media marketing starts with the same basics of weight loss – activity. Creating a page does not ensure visibility and it sure doesn’t guarantee success.

Karate Chop Computer

Motivation is Everything

Posting regularly is simply not enough – the strategy relies on having a passion and motivation to engage the audience, not just populate a page.

Keep it Short

Much like the length of those little candy-striped workout ditties, social posts should be short. Social media provides businesses with a platform where conversations are created and interest leads consumers to find out more. Too much will result in nothing at all.

Have High-Energy

The energy you put into both fitness and social media marketing will determine the outcome. If you continue to hit the snooze, your audience will too.

Increase Results with a Healthy Call to Action

Fitness results come with effective action – in the social media world they come with an effective call to action. Integrating a call to action into your social media interactions allows for results to be measurable. When you think in terms of share this, tweet this, like this, click here, etc. your calling consumers to actively engage with your brand.

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