Brand Consistency in Social Media

By on 10/4/2012

As a small to medium sized business, you’ve realized the importance that being involved with social media has to your customers and your business. Whether you’ve hired a company to manage your accounts, hired someone internally, or divided the responsibilities to different people throughout the company, one important thing to remember is CONSISTENCY. 

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A Consistent Message Defines You

The kind of consistency I’m referring too isn’t how often your posting to your social media sites, its what your posting. The same as in branding with your company as a whole, it’s very important to have a consistent brand image and brand message. This carries over to your online presence as well.   The tone, voice, and content of all your postings should always reflect the look and feel of your company as well as the overall message that your brand puts out. 

Now, of course it’s ok to have fun every now and again and post something a little different, but since social media could very well be someones first introduction to you and your company, you want to make sure everything you post makes the right impression. Your brand tells the story of your company. The information you tweet or post to Facebook, or the photos you post on Instagram or Pinterest should all serve to reflect that same story and help solidify that brand consistency.

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