Step by Step SEO Part 7

By on 12/6/2011

This week in Step by Step SEO part 7, we will be looking at reports, making some suggested updates, creating another Google Adwords ad and setting up a WordPress Blog.  If you haven’t been following along, you might want to start back at Step by Step SEO Part 1.

First this week, we went in and set up Google Webmaster Tools.  If you have not done this, it’s quick, easy and FREE.  It might turn you on to a wealth of information you did not realize.  It’s going to take a while for data to show up after you add a new site, so we will come back to this.

In the last couple parts, we set up some really great reports with WebCEO, which is a professional tracking system we use.  We have been finding new improvements and implementing those improvements as we go.  We are really narrowing our pages down to specific search terms, and re-optimizing our pages trying to capitalize on high search volume, low competition keywords.

Optimizing Pages for specific search terms

Optimizing Pages for specific search terms

We also added a robots.txt file, which is in your basic SEO toolbox.  You can create a robots.txt file right in your Google Webmaster Tools.

Back to the high volume, low competition keywords we discovered.  While we are optimizing for these new finds, we created a new Adwords campaign to help us along.  When a user sees your organic search listing along with a paid or sponsored listing, they are more likely to click on 1 of the 2 options.  

One of the last things we are doing in this part is setting up a WordPress blog.  Many people will set up a blog at, with something along the lines of  If you don’t have any money to invest and don’t have the technical skills to set up a blog on your domain, this might be the way to go.  But remember, your building content for and not yourself.

In our case, we are setting up a blog on our domain, and will create content for our domain.  This will pull people to our website and increase SEO as a whole for our site.  If you need a WordPress blog, contact us first before you set up a blog.

So thats it for this week.  We will get the blog set up with our core search terms next time.

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