Step By Step SEO Part 5

By on 11/8/2011

If your just joining, run back to Step By Step SEO Part 1 and get caught up.  Were getting a little advanced in this post, so if your not a web developer, you might not get the full effect.

Today we are going to dive into redirection, and not just any redirection, 301 redirection.  Redirection is taking a URL such as seriousInjury.php and making it pretty with keywords in it.  For example, our key term on the serious injury page is Atlanta Serious Injury Attorney, so we redirect the URL to serious-injury-attorney-accident-attorney-atlanta.php.  Of course we have to rename the page as well so it all works together.  And we take it a step further as well, updating the H1 tags (or page headers) to reflect the same wording.

Also, we go through our links for the entire site and update the title tags to reflect the same wording.  Did I loose you there?  So basically, we have our navigation link “Serious Injury”.  When you mouse over it and it says something like below, thats because title text is in the link.

Link Title Text

Link Title Text

So a search engine sees the link, sees the title text saying “…Serious Injury Attorney Atlanta…”, then goes to the link serious-injury-attorney-accident-attorney-atlanta.php, reads the title, keywords, and description of the page which all say “…Atlanta Serious Injury Attorney…”, sees the H1 tag that says “Serious Injury Attorney” and page text that has “…serious injury attorney…”, guess what that page is going to rank for!

Also this week, we programmed in a new page that pulls content from a system attorneys use to answer questions called AVVO.  This brings up a good point of content creation.  If you are creating good content through some other source, and that source provides an XML feed or RSS feed you can pull into your site, its a great idea to look into.

In this case, the party didn’t offer either.  So we used PHP to reach out and read the 3rd party page, and wrote the content  to a file on our page called Free Legal Advice, which is a great search term.  This allows our client to give advice at a place he is used to, and show it on his website to receive content credit.

Many times websites will give you an iframe or Javascript code to “write” content to your site, but these do no good for SEO.  Javascript is written to pages after the page has been served to the browser, search engines don’t view websites in a browser.  So the code is never written, and therefore not even seen by search engines.

Stay tuned for next week, part 6.  We will be talking about blogging and linking back to your website.

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