How to Gain Better Results on Search Engines

By on 09/21/2012

For years companies big and small have tried to outwit the search engines in order to gain a better results on search engines.  Trends change and searches get smarter, so focus on a steady and foundational strategy.  From attempts at content relevant key words and metadata, blogging, plugins, paid adword campaigns, the fight for better search engine placement continues….

With smaller companies, especially startups, the term uphill battle is a gigantic understatement considering the amount of effort, man hours and budget that goes into basic Search Engine Optimization.  So how can a good ol’ American new business owner tackle the growing issue of developing a legitimate presence on the web via search engines with little to no budget?  Persistence, Education and Common Sense. 

SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO & Internet Marketing

Persistence –  Try, Try Again.  Assuming the company has the ability to change content on the website, there are many free services that offer a ‘website grader‘.  This will rate your website on many factors including content, keywords and other criteria search engines look for.  The key here is to use this as a launching pad and continually make improvements, then run the grader again and again and follow the results. Stick to your content creating or blogging schedule and continuously improve past post.

Education – Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks.  For some generations, social media used as a powerful marketing tool and search engine optimizer just doesn’t make sense.  In this case meet with some of the younger employees to get some ideas on how to use social media to enhance your website’s presence.  Learn how these sites work and why they are so effective in reaching so many people.  In many cases the advertising on these sites are also relatively inexpensive and highly effective.   

Common Sense –  You’re Only Fooling Yourself.  If you think your site is full of bugs or issues, and it looks like it was built in the 90’s, so will everyone else including search engines.  The commonly accepted overall look and feel of websites changes almost every year.  The same can be said for search engine functionality.  The goal for both you and the search engines is to make the experience more relevant for the user.  Years ago companies used hidden keywords within the site to draw search engine spiders to those key words for better placement.  Today those same search engines penalize the website for attempting this trick. 

In short, don’t try and trick search engines.  The people over at Google are smarter that you and me both, your not going to trick them.  Create content for users and use the foundation for good optimization.  

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