Online Trends for Small Business is 2011

By on 11/23/2010

We are all gearing up for a great 2011, and with so many changes in the web in 2010, you might be asking yourself what to plan for in 2011.  So here are some things to think about for your website for the new year

1 Get Rid of the Flash

I have never been an advocate for Flash, so I sound like a broken record here.  With more and more people viewing websites on mobile devices, it makes more and more sense to loose the flash.  Mobile devices do not support it and likely will not due to the drain on the battery.  SEO comes into play as well, as its very important to be found online with all of the new competition online.

2. Web Fonts

This one is exciting, although it may backfire with an inexperienced designer.  We have always been confined to a handful of fonts for the web, but in comes Google (and a few others) to the rescue.  A new set of web fonts API’s have been released so we can now use fonts we havent seen on the web in the past.  Now just because these are available doesn’t mean to rush out and change all the fonts on your site.  Have a professional web designer discuss it with you and stick to a core group of easy to read fonts.

3. Mobile Compatible

This one is actually pretty easy with the modern devices out these days.  Stick to great development, using divs, css, text and no flash, and your site will look great on handheld devices.  A commonly overlooked feature is to add your phone number in text to your website.  This will make the number clickable from a handheld device.  And we know we have to make it easy for users to contact us.

4. WordPress

If you dont know about WordPress, you should.  Start blogging.  You can sign up for a free acount to get your feet wet at  Try it out and see if you like it.  If so, contact a WordPress design company (like us) to get a personal copy set up and start building content for your domain and website.  As more and more people are blogging, the information highway is getting a major overhaul.  Even Google is suggesting bloggers use new tags because of all the information coming online.

5. HTML 5

The web has had an upgrade.  The last time we saw an update like this was 1994, so you can only image whats in the near future for websites.  Not a lot of sites are on board right now, so be on the forefront.  Learn whats coming to the web and talk to your web company about how you can implement some of the items to make your site one of the technology leaders.

So, just a short list of some things to plan for in 2011.  Hope this gets you excited about whats to come, as we are looking for a 2011 to talk about!  Leave us a message with any website news you’ve heard for the new year.

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  1. Nice Post.. All these five tasks with Perfection really helps to promote your business in successful manner.
    Thanks for the Share

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