How to Keep Integrity Intact in your Marketing Company

By on 11/21/2012

After reading the below snippet from the author and ‘small business guru,’ Michael Gerber  – I began to question how a business / brand keeps their integrity intact while also successfully exposing their product / service message to the world?

Without integrity, marketing is left to tricks, sophistry and lies—the same devices the old trickster used with the peas and the shells on the streets of many cities: Is it here? Is it there? Where is it?

There is an obligation that we have to our clients and consumers; if we violate their trust in any way we are surely to lose them.  It is that simple.

Marketing Integrity

Marketing Integrity

So, how to keep integrity intact?

1. Take a long hard look at your product and service – do you understand what you are promoting? Do you believe in what you are promoting? Can you communicate this message effectively? If not, you may want to educate yourself on these points. Your company’s success depends on you and your team being the experts.

2. Do you use fluff, buzz words, empty promises, or simply a price point to angle your business ahead of the competition? If so, your value proposition may need to re-evaluated – marketing and integrity starts with understanding exactly what your strengths are, not selling your customer a bag o’ goods.

3. Are you effectively building relationships? In every industry marketing is about building relationships by managing client expectations, delivering honesty and quality products /services. Marketing integrity builds a foundation for trust and instills what every business is after, growth. 

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