What Makes Great Graphic Design For A Business?

By on 01/9/2014

It’s not just a company’s products or its reputation that has an impact on its overall success. Knowing what makes great graphic design has always played an important role in making businesses both small and large highly successful in an ever-crowded marketplace. According to a survey conducted by graphic design marketplace 99designs, 49 percent of respondents considered designed as very important to a company’s success, while 67 percent expected that it will become increasingly important to their business’s success over the next five years. Knowing what makes good design plays a critical role in creating strong, successful businesses.

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Apple, Starbucks and countless other companies rely on great graphic design to encourage customers to become thoroughly invested in their products and services, so much that great design is just as or sometimes even more important than the products themselves. These and other design-driven brands rely on the power of design to develop emotional connections with buyers, thus creating strong brand loyalty and strengthening the brand itself. The big brands understand what makes good design as an important part of their sales and marketing strategy.

What Makes Great Design

What makes great design for a business depends on the business itself. Not every business can use the same approach when it comes to developing and eventually using a cohesive design. For instance, the type of graphic design that can be used for a successful auto dealership might not be suitable for a company like a bakery or a funeral parlor. Discount goods and high-end products have their own design and marketing strategies that require different approaches from one another. Each business requires its own unique design in order to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Regardless of which approach a business takes in regards to its graphic design, it should possess the following qualities:

  • Unique – As mentioned before, a highly successful design has the capacity to stand out on its own. What makes good design is the ability to showcase the brand and deliver its overall message in a distinct and creative way.
  • Timeless – Established brand names such as Porsche and IBM developed effective design strategies that have stood the test of time.
  • Appropriate – A cheerful pastel-colored campaign may be appropriate for a business selling children’s party favors or baby goods, but not for an accountant’s office or a law firm. The design approach has to be appropriate for the business in question.
  • Cohesive – Any chosen design should be cohesive throughout a broad range of mediums. From brochures and business cards to video presentations and websites, the graphic design must reflect a unified, collective vision of what the company has to offer.
  • Adaptable – What makes good design is its ability to translate well between different mediums. After all, a business card that says something entirely different from a pamphlet or brochure will draw negative attention while losing the message.

Knowing what makes great design can be a tremendous competitive advantage for any business. With the assistance of a reputable design agency or an in-house team of designers, a business can successfully develop and cultivate a powerful and long-lasting design and marketing direction.

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2 responses to “What Makes Great Graphic Design For A Business?”

  1. Christina says:

    I appreciate this article. It brings to light what qualities of a piece makes it good design but what of the physical aspects. Does the appeal of visual design change with time depending on what’s going on in the culture or society? I know the quality timelessness came up. There are bauhaus era designs that are considered timeless but then think of the retro 70s where everything was considered revolutionary and forward thinking for it’s time. I guess my question is what are the visual attributes that make good design and how do you know when something is timeless? If designing something timeless has to do with waiting and seeing if it withstands the rest of time then I don’t think you can intentionally design something to be timeless.

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