Key Maintenance Updates for Your PPC Accounts During COVID-19

By on 06/1/2020

COVID-19 is affecting our society in many ways, but its economic impact is especially significant. Between business shutdowns and employee layoffs, the global economy is expected to undergo a $2.7 trillion loss. Uncertainty and fear are causing companies to cut back on spending, which means marketing and sales are taking a significant hit.

Advertising spend is declining across all channels, and pay per click (PPC) marketing is no exception. Some businesses want to cut all PPC ad spend, while others want to take advantage of the current surge in online traffic due to COVID-19 related searches.

Regardless of how this pandemic is impacting your PPC strategy, you need to make the maintenance of your PPC strategy a priority. To help you out, here are some key account maintenance updates you can focus on during this time.

Key Account Maintenance Updates

These updates will help you get the most out of your account now and will help make your account more impactful when it’s time to ramp up your PPC budget.

  1. Assess Current Ads: The impact of COVID-19 may have affected the relevancy of your current advertisements. Take this time to verify that all active ads are correct. Determine whether the pandemic has hindered your ability to deliver on promises made in your ads. Address any delays in shipping or processing. Evaluate the potential need for site link updates due to COVID-19.
  1. Update Text Ads: This is a great time to do some advertising housekeeping. When was the last time your text ads were updated? Use this opportunity to revisit headlines and ensure that your ad description is valid. Tweak wording, add in CTAs, and highlight special offers that will put you ahead of your competitors, both now and in the future.
  1. Review Search Query Reports: The value of PPC advertising relies on the ability to target a specific audience. Search query reports can offer a wealth of information in this regard. Take a look and determine whether your target keywords are still the best ones to use. Decide if there are new keywords to add or negative keywords to take into consideration to bring higher clickthrough rates, higher conversion, and lower spend.

Black Bear Design Can Help Manage Your PPC Accounts

A carefully developed PPC campaign strategy is essential to cutting through the noise of search results. As a marketing agency for small businesses, Black Bear’s skilled experts work with you to determine existing success, areas for improvement, and course of action for your current campaigns, as well as assess advertising during a global pandemic and ensure you are effectively positioned with budget and results in mind.

A leading full-service digital marketing agency in Georgia, Black Bear is ready to help you build a PPC campaign that drives traffic, conversions, and sales.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you stand out in the pay per click forest.

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