Issues With macOS Sierra, iPhone iOS 10 and WatchOS 10

By on 06/15/2016

I love to test things as soon as they are possibly available, call me an early adopter if you will.  So the day new beta software is out, I’m already using it.  When macOS Sierra, iOS 10 and Watch OS3 came out in beta developer, I was downloading and installing by that night.  As I test it, I’m going to post my issues here.

os Sierra

General Issues With macOS Sierra

  1. Finder has a few issues.  I can’t drag an image out of my finder window, while I can drag another file sitting right beside it out.  And Finder has restarted several times.
  2. Supposedly your Macbook is supposed to be logged in when you open the case, if you have your watch on.  I have not seen this feature work.
  3. If you use Parallels Desktop with Windows 7 in my case, the space bar stops working on macOS Sierra.  I talked with Parallels and they did a workaround to fix the issue that you can find here.  This fix did work for me.

Apple Mail Issues With Sierra

  1. When I delete my mail, it comes back.  Seems like its only happening when I am deleting several emails back to back quickly.  I delete them, and in a few moments, they show back up and I keep deleting them until the eventually go away!
  2. When I am typing an email, it keeps saving multiple version in drafts.  There used to be a place to turn this off, but I can’t seem to find it any longer.  I have a bug report with Apple and they are working on it.
    os sierra drafts
  3. When I delete emails in Apple Mail, they come back!  I have to delete them twice many times.  Seems intermittent, have not seen the pattern with this yet.  I do notice that when it happens, the progress bar shows “Downloading Messages”.

iPhone iOS 10

  1. You can now open iMessage directly from the lock screen, which is awesome!  But when you reply to a message from the lock screen, and start typing, the iPhone locks again, and when you get it back open, the message you started typing is gone.
  2. The unlock button is confusing for me now.  Seems like the old version I would push the button, light up the screen, then place my thumb on the button to unlock it with my fingerprint. Seems like now you have to actually push the button that second time to unlock the phone instead of just laying your finger on the button.

Watch OS3

  1. As I try to update the face to new faces, it shuts down and restarts.

More to come as I find things

8 responses to “Issues With macOS Sierra, iPhone iOS 10 and WatchOS 10”

  1. Ilana says:

    Hi – just wondering if apple have come back to you with a fix for the multiple drafts? I’m having the exact same problem. Thanks 🙂

  2. Adam North says:

    Still no answer? It’s starting to really annoy me now. Had 172 drafts saved from 1 email earlier this week!!!!!

  3. Brad J Shoptaw says:

    Any update on the issues that you were experiencing with drafts? I’m having the same problem with Apple Mail and my Gmail account. I’m on Sierra 10.12.4.

  4. Amelia Swaggert says:

    Still no news on the draft issue?

  5. Danielle says:

    Is there any update on this multiple drafts issue in Mail with Gmail? It’s driving me bonkers.

  6. Patrick Madigan says:

    I believe that the multiple drafts issue is fixed now, as of Sierra 10.12.4. By changing the Drafts Mailbox to the local one, as shown on your example, that seems to work.

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