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By on 09/2/2016

As social media has cemented its place in the marketing world, digital marketing trends are popping up left and right, many of them hoping to become elemental features in this ever-changing world. Nearly every major social media platform offers advertising options for marketers and new technologies are being specifically marketed to marketing teams. Two such technologies are virtual reality (VR) and Google Fiber.


Virtual Reality May be the New Reality

While virtual reality isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, it is relatively new in the world of marketing. A few of the world’s biggest brands have harnessed VR, but many marketers are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how to master VR. Entrepreneur has a few suggestions for brands curious about this technology that don’t have a Game of Thrones budget:

  • 360 video: this is our personal favorite because it gives the viewer a fully immersive experience, which is really what VR is all about. Because many brands haven’t yet produced these kinds of videos, they tend to be highly popular, some garnering over 15 million views! Outdoor brand? Create a video that takes viewers on a virtual zip line. Car manufacturer? Give your viewer the test drive of a lifetime. Get creative!
  • Retail/consumer goods packaging: this one will only work if your company has packaging (i.e. an ad agency might not benefit). It involves using your packaging as the VR set. Google’s cardboard VR set has made it simple for brands with sturdy packaging to essentially make their own version. Several companies, including fast food giant McDonald’s, have seen great success with this kind of innovation.
  • Gaming: home furniture leader Ikea has successfully created a VR game that allows customers to explore Ikea kitchens and even cook in them. They can open drawers and cabinets to get a thorough idea of how the kitchen functions. Imagine doing this for your brand and how memorable you’d be over another company that only offers pictures of products.

As more and more brands learn to use VR, specifically as a marketing tool, the VR scene will explode. YouTube videos and static pictures won’t cut it anymore. Because virtual reality will become the new reality, customers are going to expect a full experience, which includes virtual tours and experiences.

Google Will Take Over the World

With Google’s most recent venture into internet services, they’re poised for world domination. Yeah, we know, they pretty much already rule the world. But the release of Google Fiber, we’re predicting that innovative brands and small businesses alike will jump on board for more personalized marketing opportunities.


Retargeting will be big for marketers braving Google Fiber. Your customer searches for party planning tips on none other than Google and twenty minutes later sees your commercial for event planning services. Remember when you finally caved in and bought those $400 pair of shoes because it kept popping up on your social media channels after you searched for them online? Same concept.

Another benefit of leveraging this new technology is the affordability aspect. According to Joel Black of Black Bear Design, “Businesses that could not previously afford commercial advertising on the traditional channels may now be able to utilize Google Fiber for an affordable price.” With advertising options that will likely be much more affordable than on other larger service providers and the ability to personalize better, we’re thinking Google Fiber will be the next big thing in marketing.

The innovators will quickly jump on board and act as a test run for early adopters and the eventual laggards. Once brands realize and master the potential of these new technologies, the world of digital marketing will be turned on its head. If you prefer to be one of those innovators, come say hi. We specialize in cutting-edge marketing strategies and would love to discuss your big ideas. After all, if you’re not dreaming about what could be, you’re already behind in the constantly evolving world of marketing and advertising.

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