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By on 03/12/2010

We are a big supporter of sharing knowledge with those that are out there trying to learn, and we advocate to our clients that they should share knowledge as well.  Even though things may seem clear and obvious to you, there are people that have a completely different skill set and might love to learn about something that comes natural to you.  So when they ask me what to write about, my first response is to write about what you know.  So then comes the second part of the equation, how do you sound interesting enough so that people will Tweet, bookmark and link back to your post?

Here are a few general guidelines you might follow that could help you gain a little momentum with each post.

1. Get your content to the people that will spread the word. It’s not as easy as posting to your blog, and people will find you accidentally.  After your post is complete, post the title and link to your social networks.  Hopefully, the connections you have made through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Delicious (or whatever other networks you participate in) will find your content interesting and help you push it out to the world.  An important note though, if your connections help you in pushing your message out, its only fair that you participate in helping them as well.  I don’t mean retweet every message they push out, but read things that they post, and if you find it interesting and relevant, post it out to your network.  It’s not a one way tweet (pardon the pun), you have to give back as well.

2. Choose great subjects.  No one really wants to know about the boring stuff that doesnt get any attention as it is.  Write about the exciting stuff that could be, or if you have a controversial opinion, that will get some feedback for sure!  Instead of rambling about how bad the economy is, which we all know anyway, write about why its turning around on December 21st, 2012.  Whatever the case may be, there has to be something worth reading, that will spark a reaction.

3. Write well.  Ok, this is where I tune out!  I am a web developer, and by no means do I profess to be a writer.  We have all of our websites professionally written.  But here is the deal, studies show that the quality of writing is one of the most important factors in credibility and the increase in readership.  This one I am leaving up to you, because I am not the one to preach to the choir!  Here is a more qualified person to talk about writing.

4. Have a great title. An attention grabbing title will make or break a post faster than a speeding Prius!  Titles have to be keyword rich, simple and dynamic.  You could have the best written, most interesting article on the planet, but if you have a title that is boring and uninformative, no one is going to click on it when its up against 15 others in a Twitter feed.  You only have a few words to sell your post, make then great!  A tip that I use, type your title in the Google search bar.  Google auto suggest popular topics.  See if your title is in the autosuggest area.

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5. Use images in your post. Most people are visual creatures, and dont like a page full of words.  We need something to break up the content.  Experts say to put your first image at the very top of the page.  For those people that are generally ‘look and go’, they seem more likely to stay if an image catches their attention and hooks them.

6. Be interactive. A blog is for communication, so leave discussions open for others to respond.  I mean, we all like to have a line of communication between each other.  I would love it if people responded to this and agreed or disagreed.  If someone out there has insight on other methods that would spark interest or discussions, I would love to hear their voice!  Sometimes, being a little controversial will peak more interest.  Just look at Jennifer Anniston, every time she’s in a new movie, she dates the co-star or has something controversial going on with her dating life!  No one has that many issues, she is just peaking interest!  By the way Jennifer, if your reading this, you know I’m a fan!

7. Don’t be a commercial for yourself. One of the most important thing I feel is not to be commercial for your products or services.  I never try and sell our products in my post.  I like to give what knowledge I have to others, who may be trying to learn things I might know something about.  I learn a lot from the internet, by reading and researching thing I am interested in.  If someone is trying to sell me something, it seems a little less creditable.  If someone learns something by my post, and is interested in learning about my company, they will find me.  Otherwise, all I ask is leave a comment and tell me if you like the post or not.  It will help me become a better  blogger.

Well, enough about what I think.  I would love to hear what you have to say.  Do you agree, disagree, don’t care or just don’t know?

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