How To Set Up A WordPress Site In 10 Minutes

By on 01/27/2015

Transcript: How To Set Up A WordPress Site In 10 Minutes

This is Joel Black with Black Bear Design and today I am going to show you how to set up a Word Press website in less than 10 minutes!

So, to get started, the first thing is buying the domain name. This may take you awhile to focus on what you want it to be and you may need to check on a few different options, but you will find something and when you do, it will be on the screen and then you can continue it right onto the cart. They will offer you a lot of “stuff”. You may need hosting to go with it. If you do, go right here and select your hosting-Economy would work but if you want, select Deluxe if you really want to have some power with it, and even add some email, if you want email with it.

I already have all that setup on the hosting provider that I purchased from, so I am just going to continue with the domain name which is the main thing I will need. Make sure there is only one year in here since this is a short term website. All this usually is the same, about ten dollars ($10), proceed to checkout. With my account, I will place my login and password; my credit card is already on file, I can just AGREE, triple check everything and place my order.

My order is processing, let’s see if my domain name is in there yet. It is not!

So here is your old website, I will try to copy this, to make it easier and save some letters from being typed, and go to my Hosting Control Panel and put your Domain Name in, your User Name and add a Password. Type an email so you can get Alerts, choose a Package-small website, a standard package-most of these things all the same. I will enable SPF, which will help me with Spam coming from the server user name specified at domain register, which is at Go Daddy, and I am going to use a remote mail exchanger, because Go Daddy will be sending my emails back and forth to me. So everything is done there-CREATE. So this is going to create my hosting account from my new domain name. It should be just about “wrapped up”- now, I am going to run back here in List Accounts, because it is easier to find it this way.

Sell…open up and Sell…Sell your old website, C Panel will open up the C Panel for this website and as soon as this gets open, we are going to do some magic…

We are going to go down here and find Script Delicious, software installer and click on WordPress-big blue INSTALL button, sell your old website and Directory and we want to end route in Directory and we want to back that out, Data Base Name, Prefix, wp_ that’s standard, next I am going to call this: Sell your old Website, Someone Else Could Use It! Admin User Name, I am just going to use my Name, Password, and I am going to type “PASSWORD” because that is the worst Password in the world! PLUG ins, Upgrade Plug ins-Auto Upgrade Plug ins-I really don’t want to do a lot of work, so I am going to let all of it do it for me. Themes- I am going to pick my own Theme, INSTALL.

Now, while I am doing that, I need to make sure my IP Address from my domain name is matched up to the IP Address that we are using here in the A record. The @ is the default that goes to the website. You can point everything to the @ and @ relates to the website IP Address so it is just like a “pass through”. I like to keep those numbers there, because if you ever get rid of them, it will be harder to find them, so I will just change @ to old, and old is not going to do anything and then Add Record, A Record, and call that one, @ , which again is everything. You point everything at @, and it will go to the website. Then, add in the IP Address, FINISH- and SAVE IT.

Now you have your @, pointing to the IP Address from the server that we just set up here so our Word Press is set up, our files are set up, the server is set up, our domain name is purchased, and we have changed the DNS Zone records to point the A Records to our IP Address. Then, we have the Notifications saying that it is all done. Now depending on the “speed of light” and the internet,…

We have just purchased a domain name, installed Word Press onto the server, set up the server, set up the domain name connected EVERYTHING to work, in less than 10 minutes!

There you go…you can start using your website right away. You will get a Log In and your Password. Then, all you need to do, now, is Build IT!

Happy building.

This is Joel from Black Bear Design, signing out.

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