How To Plan Lead Capturing Campaigns

By on 04/3/2014

When leads join your sales funnel, you want to connect with them on a personal level. People buy from those that they trust and this also applies to online buyers. Prospects have to trust you before they can buy your product or service. How do you build trust online? By providing value.

You want to interact with your prospects on a regular basis to start your relationship. The prospects may already have interacted with you on your blog or on social media but when they enter your sales funnel, you need to personalize your interaction. There is no better way to personalize your interaction than by using email.

Setting up an Email Marketing Campaign

You should set up an email lead nurturing campaign that will automatically be initiated when a lead joins your sales funnel. Create a series of emails and set them to be delivered through an autoresponder. Examples of good autoresponders for small businesses include Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and others. If you are looking for a full marketing solution, check out a full suite of marketing tools like HubSpot.

Your emails should be personalized to the prospect. For example, you should address prospects by their names rather than saying something like “Hi Subscriber”

email campaign

Segment Your Email List On Buying Stage

One size does not fit all!  The same customer my be appropriate for 3 different messages, depending on what stage they are in.  If they’re in a research stage, they just want to define their problem.  The message may be explaining how a specific problem exist and how that problem has effected the industry.

Once they know their problem, they are in a comparison stage, comparing your solution against other solutions.  Here the message should be benefits and how your solution fits their specific need.

Hopefully the prospect moves on to a purchasing stage.  An appropriate message here might be a time sensitive offer depending on your industry.  Possibly a coupon good through the next week, or a free trial to your software.

Segment Your Email List On Persona

The same buying stage message is not the same for every persona.  The way a sales manager perceives and email and the way a business owner perceives an email may be entirely different.  Lets look at a couple completely fictional examples.

“Hi Bill, I would like to introduce my lead generation company.  Salespeople are busy closing deals and not generating leads.  We can help you generate twice the leads for half the cost, saving you time and money!”

Bill The Salespersons Interpretation: This guy can’t generate twice as many leads as me, i’m a machine.  On another note, what if he did generate leads for me and all I had to do was close them.  I could sell a lot more and make a lot more money.  I’m willing to give it a shot as long as they don’t think they are going to replace me!

Tom The Business Owners Interpretation: How did this guy get my email address?  I get a hundred emails a day from people wanting to sell me something!  Sure i’ll give it a try if you show me you can generate leads before I pay you anything.  If you’re so confident you can generate leads, whats the big deal!

So How Might Segmentation Have Made These Emails Better?

Bill The Salesperson:

“Hi Bill, I know you are probably busy closing deals, which cuts down on your time to generate new leads.  We can help you generate a continuous stream of leads and all you would need to do is close them.  I know your good at that, so working together we can make you and your boss a lot more money.  I’m sure he would be on board with that. When can we schedule a call?”

Tom The Business Owner:

“Hi Tom, we have a solution to generate a steady stream of leads for your salesperson so he can do what he does best, close them in to customers!  We have doubled sales for customers just like you, and we are so confident that we can do it for you, we are offering a post-payment solution.  What that means is you don’t have to pay us until we have worked for you for 30 days!  If we don’t deliver, you’re likely not going to pay us.  Lets set up a quick call to see if we’re a fit.”

Bill The Salespersons Interpretation: These guys are going to do the work I don’t want to do, and i’m getting the benefit!  I have to get my boss on board with this.

Tom The Business Owner: These guys are serious, and i’m out nothing if it doesn’t work.

Ask Your Customers Who They Are

The only way to know which email goes to which person is to ask them who they are, or find out through a little research online.  If you can get it on the front side, such as a form submission, great.  if it’s to late for that, check LinkedIn or ZoomInfo.  If that doesn’t work, call them and check in, or send them an email and see if they have it in their email signature.  How ever your do it, start now.

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