How To Create SEO Content Your Audience Craves

By on 02/19/2019

Creating content that speaks to your audience and utilizes expert SEO principles isn’t easy, but it’s our expertise.

Everyone needs to stand out in the crowd, especially businesses looking to use digital marketing to turn leads into conversions and conversions into revenue. How is that accomplished? How does one ensure the content on their website grabs the attention of potential customers as well as search engines?

You do it through a full-service approach that utilizes content marketing, search engine optimization, website design, website development, and other digital marketing services. This post is specifically about the content piece of the puzzle. If you’re interested in website design or the website development component, you can read more about those in the links provided.

People who use online search need answers. The content on a successful website provides those answers, converting those who search into those who buy… from you. But the content has to be seen by the search engine before it creates passing interest into concrete action. Finding the sweet spot where both search engines and an interested audience agree the content is relevant is the challenge.  

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Ensuring your content is relevant

Good content marketing demands relevance. When a prospective lead searches online for something, Google, Yahoo!, and Bing rate it based on how relevant it is to what was searched for. Think about how you use online search. How often do you click the second page of results? Now think about the number of results that make it to the front page of an organic search. Being front and center is critical and should be a consistent goal in all content marketing efforts. A web page that lives on the front page of a Google search is relevant to the audience searching for it. A relevant web page leads to new customers.

There’s nothing worse than searching for something, clicking on the top link provided, yet leaving disappointed as answers remain a mystery. Click To Tweet

Creating search engine optimized content is important, but creating content your audience craves is vital. Creating and curating content which is helpful, informative, and produces prospects who come to you should always be your goal.

Knowing your audience

Do you know your audience? Do you know what your audience is searching for? You’d be surprised how often businesses think their audience is X when in fact it’s Y. If you’re aiming at the wrong target, hitting it does you no good, and that’s why knowing your own audience is a must when it comes to creating quality content.

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Understanding your key value propositions and who they benefit is part of the analysis of what you are doing well, what you are doing wrong, and what you have never done before. Until you have these answers, creating relevant content will be almost impossible.

To get these answers, do some opposition research. What are your competitors (successful and less so) doing with their content? Check out Google Trends to find out what people are searching for. Once you determine what content needs to be created, you then move to optimizing it so it’s easily found via online search.

Mastering the art of SEO

So what is search engine optimization, anyway? Search engines scrub all content on a page to determine its relevance to any search. SEO is the practice of growing your web traffic in organic—non-paid—search. When you search online for anything, odds are the first batch of results at the top of the page were paid for via pay-per-click ads. The rest of the results come from the search engine determining web page relevancy. But how does one ensure their page is relevant? They do so by optimizing each page to ensure search engines find it.   

If you’re confused about how to handle this, don’t worry. That’s why you’re here. We are Atlanta search engine optimization experts. If you want to know more about how Black Bear Design approaches SEO services, check out our blog on SEO to see how we operate to ensure your webpage is found via search.

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Putting it all together

Once you’ve established what your content needs are, and once you’ve established what your audience is looking for, only then can you begin crafting high-quality content specifically for your audience. Sound overwhelming? Sometimes it can be, but you’re in luck. Black Bear Design has the skills and experience necessary to craft a dynamic digital marketing vision for your business.

We understand that content is key to amplifying your brand, which is at the core of what our digital marketing agency aims to do. We know that digital marketing has many facets and we understand how each piece fits together. Our team of experts works to strategize, develop, and implement a comprehensive plan for your business. Please contact us today to get started on creating your personalized content marketing strategy.


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