How To Communicate Your Brand’s Identity Through Your Logo

By on 02/28/2022

Brand identity is incredibly important, especially if your business is still in its early stages. This goes beyond knowing what a business sells or what its goals are. A brand is what the consumer should think of when they think of a business. It’s their message, the sense that the business owners wish people to have when the business comes to mind. Much of branding, therefore, has to do with the logo.

A brand’s logo is essentially a symbol representing the brand. It can involve letters, but it can also simply be an image, encompassing the brand and acting as its first foot forward. A logo may be simple on the surface; you might be familiar with logos that are just acronyms, and they may seem easy to devise. But in actuality, there is much more to logos than what may initially meet the eye. Let’s look into how to communicate your brand identity through logo design. It may be more complex than you initially thought.

1. Color

There is a reason why marketing companies have entire meetings (sometimes multiple meetings) surrounding the colors associated with brands. We are culturally trained to have certain associations with colors. You may remember that in years past, Walmart’s main color was blue but was then later changed to a softer tan color. This is apparently because the blue Walmart had been using was associated with a feeling of a corporation. While 33% of the top 100 brands do still use blue in their logos, they do so carefully.

2. Symbolism

A logo in itself is something of a symbol. But you need to think carefully about what the symbols you are using and creating represent. For example, some logos for businesses that create products for babies incorporate shapes or images that look like babies in their logos. You need your symbols to evoke the feeling that you want your target audience to experience when thinking of your business.

3. Graphic Design

Some logos are more cartoonish; others are more photographic. It’s important that your graphic design communicates your brand throughout the visuals of your business. It’s crucial that you work not only with a good marketing and brand company on logo design, but a good graphic design company.

Logo design is clearly important. Don’t sideline the process!

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