How to Choose a Web Designer

By on 09/18/2010

Choosing a web designer is a very important step in the overall web development process.  Price, which most of the time relates to experience and skill, is a helpful tool in making a decision.  If the price you are quoted is $500, you can count on a sub par product and experience.  Here are a few additional factors to help you make your decision.


First, terminology.  A web designer is a broad term, and can literally mean all the person can do is design.  A web developer can mean they design and code websites, as well as consult and teach.  You want to make sure the company you go with can design the site, code it using web standards and best practices, consult you through the process and teach you how to run and be sucessful online.

Another factor to look at is how interested the web designer  is in your business.  They have to really understand your business to bring it to life on the web.  I don’t mean they have to know every small detail, but if you run a pee-wee football league and the designer doesnt know what a touchdown is, their is going to be a communication gap.

Design style is another important factor.  Look at their portfolio and ask to see like sites they have designed.  If you don’t like their style of design, you know its not a good fit.  Different designers have different styles that they are strong in, so find the designer that’s strong in your style.

You need to be found online and market your website, so ask how the designer can help with those as well.  A good  web designer will develop your website with search engines and users in mind.  They should also be able to help market onine and teach you if you are willing to learn.  The design of a website is like the ceremony in a wedding…once thats over, the work begins!

iStock_000005544191XSmallAnd last, do you like them or have a good feeling about them.  If it’s a struggle working with them on the onset, it might be a struggle working with them through the entire process.  Find someone you enjoy talking to and feel a good vibe with.

These are some easy drills that will get things off on the right foot.  An in-person meeting will usually answer every one of these questions for you, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Take a couple hours from your day and spend it with your potential web designer, and work toward a great experience!

Have you tried a like drill or know some additional things to look for?  Please leave a message and share.

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