How Marketing Agencies Craft Unique Voices for Clients

By on 07/8/2019

Black Bear Design is a marketing agency with a variety of clients in more than 92 different industries. So, how do we create unique content that is both enticing and appropriate for our clients and their audience? That’s a great question. Understanding the unique voice of a disparate set of clients is one of the biggest challenges we face. So, would you like to know how do we do it? Here are some tips we utilize to help frame a clear tone of voice for a variety of clients, be it an animal kennel or an IT maintenance firm.

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We care deeply about crafting your brand tone of voice and maintain it consistently across channels. To do so, Black Bear Design learns about each of our clients, their tastes, likes, dislikes, and learn what they see their competitors doing. It’s important to understand these components when crafting your tone of voice and overall writing style. Each of our clients targets a specific market and audience, so we take that into account. A crypto currency company sounds a lot different from a chemical handling company, and they’re talking to different people. From there, we lock down the general vibe of the client, ensuring the tone is consistent across the departments at the agency.

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Look back at the last writing you’ve completed, or any complementary assets you used like photos, videos, or music. This can help jog your memory and set you up mentally into a similar mindset you had when you last worked. This technique can help maintain but also naturally evolve your writing, voice, and emotion around the same topic or focus point.

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Often our content department will run a series of posts, blogs, or other content, and it’s helpful for us to look back at the last piece of the campaign before returning to writing for the successive post or next piece. This also refreshes us on what the focus was and what pivots or changes we can make to maintain and stay on point.

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The content team at Black Bear Design understands the important of brand voice, tone, and how that can directly impact your website performance, social media presence, and more. From packaging and print to Instagram ads, writing is an integral role in your marketing success. Hopefully these tips highlight our agency’s value and understanding in writing, and inspires you to hit pen to paper or type away.

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