How Graphic Design Helps Your Business Excel

By on 07/24/2017

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When you’re choosing what to have for dinner or even choosing which book to read, chances are, you’re drawn to the most attractive looking imagery among the competition. Whether it’s artisan soap or the dollar store’s name brand, you can tell quality just by looking at the label. The world of business is absolutely no different and it’s imperative that every company have expertly designed branding guidelines to include their logos, typeface, and color schemes. Like a robust social media team, a business should have a solid graphic design strategy underneath them. In other words, if a potential client is going to see the graphic representation of your business, it should stand alone as strongly as your most prolific portfolio piece.

There are several reasons a business should utilize the expertise of a strong graphic design team. Here are just a few of those purposes:

packaging design

Judging a Book By Its Cover

First impressions can mean the difference between getting that meeting/interview, to having consumers reach for your product off the shelf. You have one chance to stand out among the rest before people can get to really know you, and graphic design helps you get that foot in the door. A skilled graphic designer will be able to pull your targeted audience right to you through thoughtful design and branding consistency. Which leads us to our next point…

Areas to make a good first impression: packaging, business cards, email signatures

real estate flyer design

Consistency is Key

Excellent graphic design work translates into consistency across all channels of every consumer-facing facet of a business. Whether it’s your eCommerce site, or your physical catalog of products, having the same typeface, color scheme, and logos throughout all materials creates a seamless look of professionalism. In order to create a memorable brand, you must first establish a memorable design guideline, which an experienced graphic designer can help you achieve or continue throughout your career.

Areas to remain consistent: websites to print materials, business cards to trade show banners

 The Experts Can Tell the Difference

There’s a huge difference between buying an unoriginal logo off a website and hiring an experienced, professional graphic designer to do the job. When you purchase a cheap logo off a website, it’s guaranteed that there’s at least 50 or 100 other people (at least!) with that same logo somewhere in the world. When you choose to take on a professional graphic designer, however, you can work with them to create a unique image based on your typeface, color scheme, and precise details, ensuring you’re the only one in the world with that particular graphic. The ability to have a fully customized business icon goes a long way when your business continues to grow and work with larger clients.

Areas to stand out: logos, business cards

Corporate Brochure

Once and Done

If you’re serious about starting a business it’s important to start off on the right foot. Investing in a solid design from the very beginning ensures you won’t need to overhaul your design strategy later. And even if you do choose to rebrand way down the line, it’s unlikely you’ll need to do it because your original design flopped. Choosing to invest in a premier design in the beginning would cost as much as needing to recreate your image several times over the years if you went with something cheaper. Invest now, thank yourself now (and later).

Areas to only think about once: branding, logo design, tone

When it comes to the face of your company choose an esteemed graphic design team to create a lasting impression for you. Don’t dial in a cheap solution from a flimsy website, call the team at Black Bear and let us design the next award-winning logo or brochure for you. We create everything from business cards to email signatures, food truck banners to website displays. If it takes creativity and artistic direction, we’ve had a hand on it. Contact us today to see how our team of expert graphic designers can help your company stand out in the forest.


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