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By on 06/26/2009

Ok, so we have a new client that has, what I think to be a brilliant concept.  They cook fresh and healthy food and delivery it to local locations.  They portion each meal to a 1200 calorie or a 2000 calorie meal.  They deliver 3 meals per day, so your breakfast, lunch and dinner are all prepared, no cooking or cleaning involved.

So I wanted to see just how good the food was.  I was supplied a couple meals, and it was excellent.  My wife is a busy professional, and doesn’t eat very well, and sometimes not at all.  So she is going to try the meal plans for a while and see how it goes.  She is also going to blog about her experience each day.  So as each day passes, people can follow along and see what she thinks about the meals and program.  So please feel free to visit her blog at

By the way, our client is Fresh ‘n Fit Cuisine.


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