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By on 11/2/2010

If you own or work for  a web design company, this is one of the most exciting times I can remember due to the major overhauls in the web structure and search results.  Lets look at a couple of the new technologies on the horizon.


I have been anxiously waiting for this one to come about.  The last overhaul we underwent was in was 1994!  Do you know how long ago that was?  That was the same year OJ Simpson was arrested and Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa!  I’m not sure who forgot about the web over the last 16 years, but i’m glad someone remembered it needed an update.

So a couple of the exciting HTML5 features are the video and FLASH replacement.  We all know FLASH is a major headache, and none of our smartphones can pick it up either.  The best way to demonstrate what i’m talking about is to visit this website, and remember, you are not looking at FLASH here.  This is HTML5.

Personalized Search Results

Search is changing big time as well!  The ssearch engines are teaming up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whoever else they can get relationship and real time information from.  Bing and Facebook teamed up so that your connections will rank higher in your search results.  For example, if you ‘Like’ TT’s Cupcakes Facebook page and you search for Cupcakes, Bing is going to know you like TT’s and show that search results higher than others.  This is huge as it will help us weed through the search spam.

You might have noticed how your LinkedIn connects already show in your Google results, although it’s marked ‘Beta’ at the moment.

So what does this tell you?  Make more friends online!  Matter of fact, go ahead and click one of these fancy buttons below and lets test it out.

If you have heard of any other exciting enhancements or technologies, use the big white box below the fancy buttons to share!

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