Understanding Color and The Meaning of Color

By on 04/3/2012

By selecting a color and/or color combinations for your brand you will take the first step in growing a favorable acceptance in your chosen industry.

Understanding Color (And What It Means For Your Brand)

Color plays a major part in the correct reflection of your brand. This visually obvious yet subtle application has a significant impact on the way a brand is perceived by the public. No matter if you’re designing a brand for yourself, a small company, or a corporation the effects of color will not discriminate based on how much cash you have to start. When looking at color options for your brand it’s always best to take a look at other brands to get a clear idea on how color schemes play a part on the perception of brand perception. A company with strong brand recognition, altering the color scheme where it is expected to be maintained can have dangerous results.

Whats Your Color | Color Meanings

Whats Your Color | Color Meanings

Color Is The Most Influential Sense (To Our Minds)

Today’s marketplace is bombarded with products that are trying to get our attention at every head turn, decreasing the likely hood that your product will immediately stand out. According to the way our natural senses function Color is the most influential, followed by Shapes, Symbols, and finally Words. Here we will look at what colors mean on a basic level, as well as brands that are best known for their recognition by color, color combination practices, and how you can use these methods to develop your own brand.

But make no mistake, brand recognition will make a good company succeed faster and make bad companies fail faster. People attach most of how they feel about your brand according to their personal experience with your products and services. By selecting a color and/or color combinations for your brand you will take the first step in growing a favorable acceptance in your chosen industry.

Color Theory

Color Theory

The Meaning Of Color (And The Impact On Your Brand)

Color meanings vary from culture to culture, and the impact that your brand has on your targeted audience. Here is a list of a few meanings on how colors are interpreted by brands:

Color Wheel

Color Wheel

  1. Hue is the primary value of a color and how the color red, green, blue, purple, etc. is perceived through the eye.
  2. Saturation of a color is the overall intensity or brightness of the color, any color that appears dull is referred to as desaturated.
  3. Value is the lightness or darkness of overall colors schemes.
  4. Blue: Security, Trust Worthy, Stability, Loyalty, Wisdom, Confidence, Trust, Friendliness, Preservation, Courage, Science.
  5. Green: Wealth, Money, Calming, Trees, Ambition, Endurance, Healing, Calm, Generosity, Natural, Completion, and Protection.
  6. Red: Energy, Power, Vigor, Leadership, Courage, Passion, Activity, Joy.
  7. Yellow: Optimism, Childish, Freshness, Law, Education, Arrogance.
  8. Pink: Romantic, Feminine, Love, Beauty.
  9. Orange: Cheerful, Passion, Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Fascination, Creativity, Fun.
  10. Black: Powerful, Mysterious, Elegance, Sophistication, Functionality.


In our next chapter we will dive deeper into how brands are using these colors and how you can effectively use colors in your branding campaign, logo designs, graphic designs and web designs. There are many ways to deliver the correct message using color in your designs which will be covered in later sections. For now you have a really basic understanding of what colors mean and that they just aren’t for decoration but have deliver an intrinsic value in

How Can You Effectively Use Colors In Your Brand?

Color Meanings Guide

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    Joel! We couldn’t agree with you more. Check out our article on Colour Tips for Designers Let us know what you think. Great infographic, can we share it on Twitter?

  4. […] the second version of the logo it was decided to make it green. Green can have many different meanings in graphic design. The first thinking many people think of is the connection to wealth or money. It […]

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    I love the depth the colors can go into, such as moods, temperature and “color codes”. A color can effect the audience, and perhaps their feelings as-well.

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