Creating Masterpieces Requires a Solid Creative Process

By on 08/5/2016

We’ve all been there. We’re staring at the ceiling, flipping a pen through our fingers, deleting and retyping what we just wrote in search of something better. Something catchier. Oh, writer’s block, you truly are a pain! But what about other creatives? How do they handle a creative block, what’s their creative process? We talked with our graphic designer to figure out how she goes from a blank computer screen to a digital masterpiece!


The Nitty Gritty

Our graphic designer, Rachel, has been creating stunning graphics, logos and works of art for over ten years now. She could talk for hours about color variations, how lines affect design and really anything design related. Basically, she’s a boss when it comes to graphic design.

Despite having years of experience, Rachel starts her creative process out the same as nearly any other creative—by going through the nitty gritty, sometimes technical details. Once she’s assigned a project, she thoroughly reads through the plan to make sure she has a solid understanding of what the client wants. She simplifies it like this: “a design, no matter how beautiful, won’t be of much use if it doesn’t fit the specs perfectly or convey the message properly.” We like happy clients, so ensuring that the design works well for its intended purpose is critical.

After Rachel feels comfortable with the goals of the project, she imagines how our client’s audience would react to the design. She calls this the research phase, her favorite phase. She really gets to know the client and their customers, taking a step back to imagine how they will react to the design.

Ugh, I’m Stuck!


In theory, creativity flows freely and leads to many AH-HA! moments that result in amazing content and design. In reality? Sometimes you stare at the ceiling, pace across your office and try to find anything to inspire you. Creative block is a thing and it takes its toll on every creative person every so often.

Rachel manages her creative stalls through inspirational content. Her desk has stacks of graphic design magazines and her cubicle wall is plastered with design competition posters and inspired creations. If she’s really struggling to get the ball rolling, she’ll scroll through design websites or use Google to find inspiring images. She explains that, “sometimes all it takes is that one fantastic image to spark my imagination and, before I know it, I’m clipping along again at blazing speeds!”

Not All Roadmaps are the Same


Just like road trips, no two design projects are the same. I prefer a route full of pit stops, diversions and turnarounds. Rachel’s method is a bit different. Hers stays the course with a few off-route stops, but always leads back to her original path. Her experience with diverse clients has taught her that being rigid just won’t work. She suggests being flexible but keeping an eye on the goal. The fundamentals typically remain the same and staying on track requires striking a balance between client needs and an established process. Rachel’s creative process helps her maintain that balance.

This girl clearly has her process down. Have you seen her work?! Most creatives would agree that creating something out of nothing can be a struggle with no creative process in place. Everyone’s path is different, but they all involve a plan to get to the end goal: a masterpiece. So go get inspired and create your own work of art!

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