Can You Make Logos Fast, Good And Cheap

By on 12/7/2012

Ever heard something like this?  

“Project managers and design team, design this logo for me, and we need it yesterday.  We need it to be the best possible logo EVER but below average in price.” 

In many cases a business may put off marketing to focus on the day-to-day activities that keep a company afloat.  That is understandable and something almost everyone can relate to.  Sometimes (GASP!) there isn’t even a budget for marketing.  One thing to keep in mind even on a small budget is the fact that a logo is the face of the company/product, and will elicit the first visual and emotional reaction to the company.  A terrible website speaks volumes, a terrible logo does the same.  A logo delivers and communicates a message that company cannot convey on its own.  What message do you want to get across to the customer?  

But we want it good, fast AND cheap.  According to Euler, this is not possible. 

Project Management Triangle

Fast – Usually pressed for a deadline and in need quality design within hours

“I need this yesterday”!  Back up here, why is it needed yesterday?  Somewhere along the line the pieces got jumbled.  Somewhere the process took a terrible turn.  Now everyone is in a race against time to deliver something that will fall into the ‘good enough’ category.  

Cheap – Limited budgets can sometimes work against a company when marketing comes into light but great things can still be accomplished.  More troublesome in this case is the lack of understanding of the process and the true value of great design.  “I have a friend that is handling my logo” Famous last words for these classic and timeless gems

Good – In order to create an effective and lasting logo and brand a company must look at the project as a puzzle.  Each piece of the puzzle is as important as the last.  At first glance a logo would appear to be the main element to a brand and yes it does hold a considerable amount of weight to the overall picture but the other pieces have to be addressed as well.  A logo in many cases is the starting point for the businesses identity.  The colors, fonts, graphics will lead to business cards, letterhead, collateral material, website, etc… 

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is rushing or skimping on a logo.  Once the decision is made it creates a snowball effect that, if done properly will benefit the business for many, many years.  If this process is rushed or devalued in any way the consequences could be disastrous.  So think it through, take time, budget for it and for God’s sake don’t let your friend/cousin/in-law/I know this guy… do it. 

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