Flat & Handmade: 2016 Logo Trends

By on 07/22/2016

Golden arches. An apple with a bite out of it. A rainbow peacock. Chances are, McDonald’s, Apple and NBC came to mind when you saw those words. Why? Because these brands have memorable logos that aren’t easily forgotten. And while these logos are classic and not likely to change anytime soon, the world of design is constantly evolving. We’re exploring some of 2016’s best logo design trends that are influencing logo revamps from companies like Instagram and MasterCard.

Flat Doesn’t Always Mean Boring

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Flat design seems to be one of those “classic” looks that will always come out on top. It is simplistic in nature, which allows for a clean appearance and makes it easily identifiable. It’s not wrapped in a bunch of extra design fluff, it’s just a straight-forward way to identify your brand. Another reason flat logos are big is due to their simplicity in relation to function.

In a world where consumers view your product on their smartphone, or see your ad on their tablet and then purchase on a desktop, having a logo that looks good across all devices is crucial. A flat design allows for faster load times and the logo will register better on all devices. Printing marketing materials is also much easier with a simplified logo. Don’t expect this look to go away anytime soon.

The MonoLine


Ahh, the monoline. A deceptively simple design that puts off an air of authenticity and intricacy while remaining approachable. This style of design involves a handmade look (also another booming design trend) achieved by using lines that are all the same thickness. JustCreative explains it as a logo that portrays honesty and looks as though it was created with wire. We’re totally digging this and can’t wait to see more logos like this emerge.

Mastering the Negative


Negative space was a trend last year and remains strong this year as well. The use of negative space allows logos to be simplistic while conveying a message. The WWF logo is instantly recognizable as a panda bear, yet most of the design is around the use of negative space.

Have you ever seen a beautiful design that would look that much better if there weren’t so many elements? Utilizing negative space allows you to declutter the design and show off the important stuff.


Authentic Design

Design trends are constantly evolving, but one thing remains the same: to be successful, you must remain authentic. Design trends can help inform decisions, but, ultimately, staying true to your brand is what matters most. Could you imagine McDonald’s without rounded golden arches? We can’t either!

Branding and logo design are our specialties and we are always finding innovative ways for brands to speak to their consumers through design. We’ve worked with the best of the best and are anxious to create your next design. Come say hi and let’s discuss what you want your brand to say to the world.

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