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By on 11/15/2010

Facebook is announcing their next phase in the web….email.  Did I hear that right?  I can now have a Facebook.com email address?  At a media event in San Fransico Monday, Facebook introduced what was previously its internal messaging system to the public.  It combines SMS, chat, e-mail and Facebook messages.

Quoting Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook’s CEO, “This is not an e-mail killer, this is a messaging system that includes e-mail as one part of it.”

The system is a lot like GMAIL, except you don’t have to use a subject line.  And the humanistic feature is you don’t type in a email address, you just select your friend to send the email to.

An interesting question is how will this effect spam?   I can see it going either way.  One has to own and be verified for a Facebook account to have an email, but what about spoofing?  With all of the facebook.com email addresses flying around, how will you know if an email is actually from Facebook?  But then again, have you ever got an email from Facebook?


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