Does Your Logo Shake Hands With Consumers?

By on 12/19/2013

What does your handshake say about you? Everything. What does your logo say about your company? Everything.


How does your logo shake hands with consumers?

When you shake hands with a prospect, do you have a firm confident grip? Do you look them in the eyes? Or do you have a handshake that completely lacks pizazz and energy? Even worse, does it convey an unassertive insecurity? We’ve all heard of the adage, “you can tell a lot about a person by their handshake.” Your company logo has the same powerful tonal effect as your handshake. How does your logo shake hands with consumers?

As professionals our aim is universal – to make the sale and grow our business. What goods and services are we offering? Well, it doesn’t really matter if that initial connection is not made. Just as your handshake is linked with your character, your logo is associated with professionalism, level of expertise, and clout.

Does your logo help the consumer to trust?

Some of us make the mistake of going to a do-it-yourself website and create or download a generic logo. We confuse generic with simple. Generic means bland, nondescript, and plain while simple means easily understood. Is your logo generic and flat or simple and influential? Bottom line, does your logo make the consumer want to buy and trust buying from you?

How exactly does the logo do all of this when it’s just a small symbol or even no more than the company name? Graphic designers understand the nuances that a thin curved line conveys rather than a bold right angle. They revel in choosing a typeface that precisely communicates a visual metaphor for who and what a company does. Leave the car fixing to the mechanic, the house building to the carpenter, and the logo designing to the graphic designer.

One element of your persona is a firm ideal handshake; there are others. One element of your brand identity is a logo; there are others. These single components are exponentially important but like anything, are intended to be used in conjunction with other structural constituents. (Another integral composition is your company’s website, but we can delve more into that a different time.)

What does your logo say about your company? Everything

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