Creative Ways to Show Creative Employees You Love them

By on 02/11/2011

We all like to be appreciated and feel a sense of fulfillment, thats what keeps us doing what we do.  I love to see a website go live, and I love for my client to tell me they receive compliments on their website.  Thats why I keep pushing through all the pressures and long hours.

But how do we show those that work for us that you appreciate all that they do.  You could tell them, OR you can give them a little creative freedom.  Here are a few creative ideas.

1. Any easy way is to give them credit where deserved.  Highlight them or their completions on your company website.  Set up their own page so they can contribute to the company website.  Put everyone on there, not just the owners.  The owners don’t really do anything anyway…right?

2. Dont block the social networks! Social networks are a part of everyone’s life now days.  Studies show that a few minutes to ‘break’ from heavy thought will increase productivity overall. And who knows, maybe an employee is talking about their great job or asking a job related question on the networks.

3. Don’t ban cell phones either. Things happen, people have emergencies and people get calls from people they would like to talk to.  Would you rather have the employee that didnt get any calls or had no friends.  Then when they end up going postal in the office, you tell the news “he was always so quite!”  No thank you, give me some noise and a happy employee.

4. Do something a little different once a week. If your in a professional environment, have casual Fridays.  If you can’t do that, bring in breakfast for a Monday morning meeting every Monday.  We used to take off early every Friday, which went over well.  Matter of fact, it went over so well we started taking off early everyday!  Work until 4 or 4:30, when your at a stopping point, leave.  No one ever does, but they can if they want.

Point is, happy employees get more done, enjoy what they do and stay with you longer.  Everyone should enjoy what they do, it shows in the quality of work.  If you’ve been in a position with an outside the box perk, please tell.

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