What Can We Learn About SEO From Atlanta Traffic?

By on 02/12/2014

I try to look for lessons in many daily activities. I think about those things that are happening in real time, and try to figure out how I may apply those lessons to things that don’t necessarily seem related. So, this morning, as I sit patiently in Atlanta traffic, I wonder: what lessons can I learn from this?

SEO patients

SEO Requires Patience

One thing that I’ve learned from the SEO and internet marketing business is that nothing happens fast. SEO reminds me of the old children’s story, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” On one hand, you have the black hat SEO guys that are like the hare. They set up fake websites, buy links from other sources, pack words into content so that it makes sense to read, and then they are gone.

On the other hand, the white hat SEO guys are more like the tortoise.  It’s a continuous and steady pace of building online relationships, generating quality content and using social networks to propagate content while strengthen relationships, as well as, building a strong website that is correctly coded.

Just as we are sitting in traffic, white hat SEO requires a lot of patience. In a results-oriented world, many people do not have the patience required for quality, long-lasting SEO campaigns.  You can pick out the guys that want it now; they are the guys that are screaming, honking horns and giving us the bird!

The take away here is that if you were going to your office, and you pulled out into traffic, most likely you’re committed to sit in traffic until you get to work. Same thing applies with SEO! Commit to an SEO strategy and plan on it taking a year of steady, hard work. Don’t pull out in traffic, get frustrated and turn around to head back home. You just might get fired!

Some Have A Longer View, Some Are More Nimble 

There is something else I noticed.  Some people are able to see further down the road, as the big 18 wheeler trucks.  If you can relate these to the bigger companies, do those companies have an advantage because they can see further down the road?

To put that into a different perspective, what about the little guys, the little cars like me? Maybe I can’t see as far down the road, especially when one of the bigger guys is sitting directly in front of me!  Being small does has advantages too! I am much more nimble! I can react quickly! I don’t even need to shift through a lot of gears! Sure, the big guys are carrying a big load, they have a lot of content, but on any given traffic light, I can jump out ahead of them quickly.

The Challenge

So here’s my challenge: develop a steady and consistent SEO plan and work it month-to-month, just like you are patiently sitting in traffic on your way to work. Be prepared to jump out and go around that bigger guy when you see the opportunity to do i!t!  Remember, though, keep an eye in the  rearview mirror, because you just might get run over if you let your guard down!

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