What Makes Your Business Different

By on 09/27/2012

What Makes Your Business Different?  Now there is a question that hurts!  If you’re reading this and your mind goes blank, its time to dig in and take an outside look at your business.  You might even find out that you’re not as different as you think.  It’s time to find something remarkable about yourself.

One of the question we all ask ourselves as business owners, what do we do to compete with companies that do the same thing as we do?  How about if we look at that in a different way?  Lets ask ourselves what would we do, if we were our competitor and trying to compete against us?  Thought of in that light, we just might find what we are doing that makes us different.  Take a few minutes and write down 3 things that makes you different, then ask people that know you if your thoughts are accurate.  If they are not, they might not be communicated accurately in your brand.

I know what makes us different, but Im not going to say.  Its something so basic and so simple, that is it completely overlooked by almost all of our competitors. If I were a competitor, I know exactly what I would do to compete with us. Is it remarkable? Clients and potential clients do comment on it.  Is it ground breaking?  Not even close.

Are You Remarkable

So that brings me to another point.  Do you have things in your business that are remarkable?  I know a specific competitor of ours that is remarkable.  He has built a remarkable business both to work at and to do business with.  I take note of it, but it would do no good to try and duplicate it.  Its already been done and has been done well.

So try this, take the top reason why your different from your competitors and make it remarkable.  Do it better than ever imagined.  If your different from your competitors because you make a recycled sandal, then donate a pair for every pair sold!

Sounds remarkable right?  Do you know any companies that are remarkable?

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