Culture is More Than Just Coffee Bars and Scooters

By on 08/24/2016

It’s no secret that startups and large liberal corporations alike are offering some of the best perks out there. On-site masseuse? No problem. Free coffee, snacks and fruit served daily? Sure! Unlimited vacation? You betcha. And while all these perks are certainly enticing, culture encompasses so much more than scooters, free coffee and a lax dress code. Culture plays a vital role in the success of a business, which is why we’ve decided to explore this topic further.


The Millennial Workforce

Touted as lazy, entitled and technologically advanced, millennials have played a major role in the shift to a “less corporate” company culture. And while many of these misperceptions are untrue, the one thing that remains is that millennials are demanding different things from their employers. With nearly 54 million millennials in the workforce, you can bet their voices are being heard.

According to Entrepreneur, millennials grew up in a very different time than their grandparents, which is why having a stable job is no longer the top concern. We (yes, most of us are millennials here) “grew up in a time of financial prosperity and rapid technological advancements. [We] are looking at company values, meaning, community, and culture,” suggests Entrepreneur. So what does that mean for employers? Time to reassess your culture!

Why Does All This Matter?


As with all things in life, there will be corporations that embrace the opportunity to improve their culture and there will be those that will carry the “this is how we’ve always done it” mantra forever. For the laggards hoping to avoid change, you will undoubtedly miss out on great opportunities for growth, including:

  • Less employee turnover: It may seem like common sense that an employee who feels valued will stay with their company, but many organizations still struggle with making their employees happy. The goal should be to have a culture that values both individuals and teams, which will likely lead to high employee morale.
  • Costs: Going along with employee turnover is the associated cost of rehiring and training their replacement. Less employee turnover, less money spent trying to replace them.
  • Reputation management: Your employees are the voice of your brand. They interact with potential and current customers and act as salespeople to their friends and family. Ever heard a friend or family member who hates their job complain about it all the time? Chances are, you don’t support that organization because of the reputation they have with your friend. The same goes for potential new-hires. With the rise of Glassdoor, future employees can easily find the dirt on your company and what it’s really like to work with you. If you create a culture that encourages employees and is focused on making them feel valued, their positive reviews and word of mouth will greatly benefit your business.
  • Productive employees: Some of us do anything to not work solely because we’re so miserable at our jobs. Others of us suck it up, but still don’t put a five-star effort into our work. Creating a culture that celebrates employees can improve morale, which improves productivity. And who benefits from this? YOU.

We understand that change is tough, especially if you’re planning to overhaul your entire culture overnight (which we don’t recommend). If you haven’t already, consider taking baby steps to improve your corporate culture. Maybe it starts with a more flexible work schedule or celebrating big wins with the team. As you establish a new culture step by step, not only will your company benefit, you’ll soon have an entirely new, positive culture. We take ours pretty seriously and have some happy employees as a result!

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