Business Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Card Marketing

By on 03/4/2015

How to Make Your Business Card Work for You

Your company business card is a direct extension of your business.

Designed correctly, it can also be a very effective tool for marketing your company and yourself to prospective clients.

During networking seminars, your business card is your one chance to make a great impression. Chances are that each person at the seminar will receive dozens of business cards. If yours doesn’t stand out, it either gets filed in a Rolodex or lost in a pile of other cards.

Designing a business card that commands attention is imperative if you want to stay on the minds of potential clients. The three keys to an effective business card are – it should be easy to understand, it should reflect your brand, and it must be professional in design.

Here are a few business card do’s and don’ts that could really increase your client base and overall sales:



There is no need to choose fancy fonts just because they are available. Leave aside the fancy ‘hard to read’ fonts prioritize readability over creativity. Decorative, whimsical and heavily styled fonts can be beautiful, but difficult to read. Simple fonts are best. Keep the font size large enough so that potential customers don’t have to squint or take out their glasses to read your contact information.

pecola business card

Choose a card stock color that is neutral, and then go with contrasting ink colors that bring out the best in your unique message. Beige or light gray backgrounds look great with a navy blue or black ink. Utilize more colors on your business card only if that is what your industry calls for.


If you are spending money on business cards, why not make use of the back of the card?

The reverse could be used to print your information in another language if you are working closely with a different country. One other way to use the back of the business card is to print a small calendar for the next year on it, appointment reminders, website URL, brief bio or company info… the sky’s the limit.



Always proofread the business card several times before you send it to the printer.

They are not familiar with the spelling of last names, so take the time to check every word for spelling before signing off on it. Be sure to include all your contact information as well. In addition to your name, address, and telephone number, add your social media profiles, your email addresses, and your website.



Don’t try to cut corners by using cheap paper on your business cards.

Don’t give your customers or leads a reason to think that your services or quality of work is unprofessional. Compare what your competition is using for their business cards and make sure that you spend the money to get a good quality paper stock.


Common clip art does not translate well to professional print – and may seem less than professional to your customers. If your company does not have a unique brand or logo, use a clear image of yourself on the card. Or better yet, pay for a good logo design, then use it on all your printed materials.

bad business card

Not all business cards are created equal, that’s for sure. Here’s one that just can’t decide what information to include, so they included ALL THE INFORMATION. Too many fonts, too many images, colors, shadows, outlines, words… just all too much.


Business cards are probably the least expensive type of advertising. If you run out, don’t use old cards with outdated information. Spend the money on new cards and pay for expedited service. This is a much better option than simply handing out cards with the information crossed off and written over.

Take the time to invest in a business card design that is tailored to your business and your brand. A professionally designed business card – used in tandem with a consistent marketing strategy – with deliver you a real ROI. Grow your brand and your business with a quality business card.


At Black Bear, we understand the importance of making an immediate and professional statement with your business card. Your business card is the cornerstone of your print marketing tools. Talk to us to learn more about how to win more trust and more clients with a tailored business card design. Black Bear Design is here to help.  Get started now. Contact us here.

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    What an interesting read, cheers for sharing

  3. Thanks for the tips on what the best designs for business cards are. I like that you pointed out that it’s important to prioritize readability over creativity. I am thinking about getting business cards for after I graduate, and this information can help me narrow down what exactly I want.

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