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By on 01/14/2013

The New Year always brings thoughts of resolutions and new beginnings for the year to come. As a business owner, is one of your resolutions to refresh your existing brand? Before you bring this into action, take a few steps back and think about why your brand is what it is. Sometimes your brand doesn’t really need a complete overhaul, just simply a visual refresh.

If your brand is going strong, think about the steps it took you to get it there

A strong brand has a story that links the company values to its brand identity. Instead of jumping into a rebrand in full force, sit down and think about what your company’s key mission statement and values are currently and decide whether they need an update. Starting from your foundation will make the entire process easier and it will also help you stay organized.

But if you are satisfied with your foundation, maybe a visual refresh is all you need. Is your collateral stuck in 2003? Maybe it’s time to step into 2013 with an updated look that is sure to catch the eyes of consumers everywhere! You don’t want a client to turn you down because of your out of date look! It’s important to review your brand every year to stay innovative and to keep up with your competition.   

A visual refresh is the easiest way to keep your brand up to date and also allows you to keep your values and ideals the same. So before you jump in and start swimming, get organized, evaluate what you need and decide what you for your New Year restart! 

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