Automated Email Marketing – Love It Or Hate It?

By on 07/23/2014

Regardless if you love automated email marketing or you hate automated email marketing, when used correctly, it can be a tremendous benefit to the users experience.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Joel Black with Black Bear Design and this is 2-Minute Tuesday…

The first thing you might notice today is that I hung my whiteboard; the power went out for a few hours last week and I didn’t have anything to do so I grabbed my screwdriver, and hung this “puppy” up, so it makes it easier for me to stand and talk…

So, what I would like to talk about today is Automated Marketing:  you either love it, or hate it!!  Overall it is going to help your user’s experience.  If you remember back in the day, and you walked into Home Depot or Lowe’s, it was like you had the “plague”; no one wanted to talk to you, help you-you were left alone in this big store to kind of find what you need.  Then, they started realizing, “Hey, they aren’t buying stuff because they can’t find it!  Maybe if we bring in some extra resources, follow up with people when they come in, say, “Hey, how can I help you, maybe they’ll start buying things because they find what they need.”

That is the same thing that happens with your website; people come into your website-they can’t find what they need, so they’re “out of here”.  They are going to look somewhere else, where they are going to find it.  Another thing is maybe they don’t have enough time to hunt through all this stuff right now, maybe “I will come back later tonight”; maybe they do-maybe they get busy and they don’t come back, who knows, but you just lost a lead!  The thing that, if you have your automated marketing setup correctly, the thing that would work very well is, if you have your automated marketing setup, they might not find what they need, but you send an automated email to follow up: “Hey, I saw that you went on our website, I don’t know if you found what you were needing, but we have a lot of resources: we have web design, web redesign, e books, we have SEO whitepapers, we all these things that you can use”; maybe that IS what they are looking for, so they click on it,  go back to the page, and now they found what they wanted, and now you can send them those messages that are relevant to what they want!  “I saw you downloaded SEO e book; we have SEO resources that might help you; we even do a free website audit-we will tell you what improvements you can make on your website for free”!

So, now, we have some interest-we can talk to them by phone and start building a relationship;  that’s what it is all about-building relationships with customers, but, you can’t do that if they leave- you can’t do that if they are bouncing around because they can’t find what they want.  The only way to do that is to help them find what they want, give them the resources that they like, and talk to them!

Again, this is Joel Black with Black Bear Design, and this is another 2-Minute Tuesday; I hope this helps!

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