7 Steps to Help Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

By on 12/8/2010

When we are talking about marketing, we are talking about the steps one goes through leading up to the sale of one’s product.  Some may throw it all up against the wall and whatever sticks is their ‘marketing campaign’, but some of us do not have that type of money and need something more focused.  Here are a few ways to hone in  your marketing efforts and get the most bang for your buck!

1. Know Everything: First you have to know everything about your customers and your current marketing efforts.  Who are they, why do they purchase from you and how did they find you?

2. Like Your Materials: Before you move down the list, you have to like your website and your current marketing materials.  If you dont like it, why should anyone else. Go ahead and fix what you think is wrong on this step.  Make sure tracking is installed on your website and your latest contact list is uploaded to Constant Contact (or whoever you use for your e-newsletters)

3. Trust In: There are many things you have to have trust in.  You have to trust yourself, your sales team, your products, your social media participation, your sales presentations and many other variables that are put into the ‘feel’ of your brand.

4. Let Them Try: Give away something free such as a trial version, white papers, seminars or anything else that would provide a value to the customer while showcasing your product.

5. The Purchase: When your clients purchase, remember the 10% rule.  90% of a transaction usually goes smooth and its the part that no one remembers .  It’s the last 10%, the part that is the toughest,  that really gives the customer satisfaction.  The customer service is in the last 10%.

6. The Information: After the sale, you have an abundance of information and you need a process to gather it.  How did the sale go?  What did you do this time around differently, if anything?  How was the transaction?  How did the client find you?  Send a post sale follow up questionnaire and ask for a testimimonial.  Not a fluffy testimonial you can use in your brochure, a real testimonial you can use to better your process.

7. Refer Us:  Ask your client if they would refer you to another person.  If they had a great experience, or even if it wasn’t so good, you still have an opportunity to ask.  If you did your follow up in #6 and found out why an experience wasn’t so great, you should have had a chance to make things better.  And sometimes just by doing that, the general feel by the client is that of a good experience.  We have had a few disasters ourselves, but we hung in there and did the right things.  It surprises me when I get a call and the potential client tells me that someone from one of these disaster projects referred them to me.

I hope this reminds you of some of the things we sometimes forget because we get so busy and wrapped up in everything else.  If you have any additional input, I would love to hear it.


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