4 Things Business Owners Should be Doing for Their Customers

By on 02/22/2014

Most business owners and managers already know how fierce competition is in today’s market. This is why every business owner and manager should understand exactly what the customer wants and how to create a comprehensive internet marketing plan. This internet marketing plan should focus on ways to built loyal customers. Below is a look at the top four things business owners should be doing for their customers to keep them coming back.

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Create a Sales Experience

Businesses cannot just open their doors for business or set up their website and expect customers to make a sale and keep coming back. Customers are looking for more than just making a purchase, they want to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Business owners must set policies from the very beginning that work to create a positive experience for the customer. This may mean creating an internet marketing plan that ensures that their website is easy to navigate through and easy to make a purchase and understand the terms of that purchase. In addition to an internet marketing plan, it may also include added extra accessories to their store to aid the customer, such as additional mirrors, extra seating, or a customer service staff on duty at all times.

Be the Solution

Customers heading to the store or a company website are not always necessarily looking to make a sale. Instead, they are sometimes just looking for help with a certain problem they have. The trick to true customer service is to show them how the company’s goods or services can be the solution to their problem. Business owners must have a knowledgeable staff that can show the customers how their products or service can help them. Business owners must also have a well-developed internet marketing plan that shows not just the different goods and services the business offers, but their purpose as well, and how they can ultimately help the customer.

Instant Feedback Is Crucial

Today’s customers not only want to receive instant feedback, rather they demand it. Customers expect a reply to their questions, comments, problems, and complaints within 24 hours. Anything less than this is considered unacceptable for them. This makes it crucial for business owners to have an internet marketing plan that includes checking and responding to both positive and negative posts on the social media sites, comments left on blogs and review sites on a regular basis. 

It Is Not All About the Sale

Finally, a good business owner must realize that it is not all about the sale. Of course, the sale is extremely important to every business owner, but not so much to the customer. To build lasting relationships with their customers, businesses must be willing to go the extra mile. This may include providing resources for the customer, such as a short training workshop on how to use the company’s products, or an internet marketing plan that includes posting online resources for the customer, or even a simple follow-up thank you email. Any added touch that shows the company appreciates their business.

Combined, these four strategies included in an internet marketing plan can help business owner not just attract customers to their stores, but keep them coming back for years to come. Best of all, a customer who has a pleasant experience with a specific company is more likely to refer that business to a friend, co-worker or family member. To stay competitive in today’s market, every business owner and manager must be engaging with their customers, create an internet marketing plan, and provide a complete shopping experience for them.   

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