10 Signs That Your Corporate Brochures Need An Update

By on 08/14/2014

Do you have corporate brochures that detail your products and services? Are you looking for new ways to announce sales and other upcoming events with your brochures? Regardless of the reason for creating printed materials, it is critical that you are using this tool effectively. If you’ve been struggling to get customers to pick up your brochures lately, let alone actually read them, it may be time for an update. As you evaluate your materials, consider the following ten factors.

  1. Weak headlines. Eight out of 10 online viewers read a blog or article headline and then move on without reading anything else. Brochures are no different. If customers pick up brochures, skim a few lines, and then put them back down, it’s time to rewrite your headlines. Pull your customers in right from the start so that they’re compelled to read the entire flier or pamphlet.
    Corporate Brochures headline
  2. No basic contact information. No matter what the topic or goal is for the brochure, you should include basic business information, including name, address, phone number, email address, website, and social media channels. The best thing that can happen after customers read your brochures is that they contact you. Make it easy for them to do so.
    basic contact information
  3. Inconsistent branding. Did you implement a new company logo two years ago but never got around to making new printed materials? Consistent branding makes your content instantly recognizable for your customers. As you make new brochures, think about the logo, colors, and other design elements that you use across your website and social media channels.
    bad brochure design branding
  4. Not speaking to the customers. The customers are the reason that you’re providing brochures. Avoid using technical jargon and speak in a voice that is appropriate for their level of understanding. Strive for an approachable tone, keeping long words to a minimum.
    brochure design speak to customers
  5. Lack of focus. It is easy to get lost in a topic and wander off in ten different directions. Most customers pick up a pamphlet because they are looking for specific details. Stick to the point so that they get the information that they need and can then move on their days.
    brochure features
  6. Irrelevant graphics. Even if you have gorgeous corporate headquarters, customers are not likely to care about the aesthetics of the office environment. Instead use graphics to showcase the benefits of your products and services.
    brochure graphics
  7. No table of contents. Do customers get confused about where to find certain pieces of information within your corporate brochures? There is nothing wrong with crafting lengthy brochures that have eight or more pages. However, a list of contents can help customers navigate the material. Make a list in bold and separate it from the rest of the text.
    brochure table of contents
  8. No call to action. What do you want customers to do after they read your brochures? Many companies make the mistake of assuming that customers know what to do. Don’t leave your customers wondering. End the brochure with a clear directive, such as, “To learn more about our new line of lawn mowers, watch our online demonstration!”
    brochure call to action
  9. Lack of incentive. It’s great if customers follow through with the call to action, but it’s even better if they follow through with it sooner rather than later. Offer an incentive for completing the call to action right away. For example, maybe the online demonstration concludes with a time sensitive coupon for the new product line.
    brochure coupon
  10. Unprofessional. Corporate brochures leave potential customers with an initial impression of your business. Don’t skimp on the materials to save a few dollars. Print your brochures on thick high quality paper with great images and easy to read fonts and colors.
    bad brochure design

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