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At Black Bear Design, we use our Pay Per Click expertise to Increase Sales and Maximize ROI for our clients. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing Google Ads account, or create a new one from scratch, our team will learn about your business and create an action plan that leads to a significant increase in revenue, while identifying bad clicks that don’t convert and waste your marketing budget.

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No one knows the local Atlanta advertising landscape better than we do, yet we also have the know-how to expand your campaigns across the country when that’s right for your business.

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PPC Management: Healthy Air Case Study

Healthy Air USA creates healthy breathing environments by improving indoor air quality through a series of testing procedures and products. After beginning a paid search advertisement campaign, Healthy Air was seeing low impressions and clicks while their cost per click continued to rise and remain expensive. In a crowded air systems quality control industry, they needed to be sure they could break through the clutter of advertisements without breaking their budget.

Key Points & Strategy

Black Bear began working with Healthy Air in June of 2019, and after taking a comprehensive review of their current campaigns we immediately took action.

  • Account Organization: We organized and restructured their account, making sure it was complete and functional.
  • Exact Term Match: We decided to focus their campaign on exact term matching rather than generic term matching.
  • Negative Keywords: We added negative keywords to the overall campaign strategy.

The Results

All these strategies culminated in a rousing success for Healthy Air’s paid search results. This campaign is proof of the power of changing just a few key elements to create massive success.


Increase in Clicks


Increase in Impressions


Decrease in Cost Per Click


Our company has been working with Black Bear for 2 years and are very pleased with the level of customer services provided. They are always available to support us with PPC, SEO, and Google ads. We highly recommend them.” – SIMONA Boltaron


We have used Black Bear for several years to manage most of the digital aspects of our business, including Pay Per Click and Google Ads. They have always been responsive to our needs and work very hard to understand the clients that we are looking for while advertising. Not only have they understood what we look for in our clients, but they have very successfully driven qualified clients to us. The quality of work is outstanding and until our experience with Black Bear, we were not sure if digital advertising / marketing was really able to drive business.” —Healthy Air USA


Our PPC Management and Marketing Services Include

  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Planning
  • Ad Text Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Display Ad Creation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Maintenance & Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Competitive Research
  • Retargeting
  • Enhanced Ads for Better Click-thru Rates
  • Cost Per Click Optimization
  • Local & National Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Audit

Black Bear Design is one of the best Pay Per Click management companies in Atlanta and can help you develop a PPC campaign that drives traffic, conversions, and sales. We start all pay per click marketing services with a free audit of your current campaigns. This comprehensive review will provide suggestions for any improvements we can make, how we can best manage what is already successful, and tell us where to go next. Our assessments analyze all the critical metrics of your campaigns including quality scores, click-thru rates, impression shares, and any wasted spend.

Getting Started with PPC

Are you just getting started with PPC? Great! As one of Atlanta’s best PPC management agencies, we can get you up and running with a PPC campaign in no time. Like any other form of advertising, PPC ads aren’t something you’ll want to create without researching your target demographics, carefully choosing your keywords, establishing your budget or testing what ads will cut through the noise of organic and paid search results. Black Bear Design can do all of these for you wherever your ads will work best.

PPC Search Engines & Social Platforms

Google Adwords is the most dominant player in the PPC advertising world as the most popular search engine. If you want your ads to reach your customers, this is where you want to be. As a Google Partner, Black Bear Design is certified as an expert in Adwords and can get your PPC advertising management started right away.

Bing Ads may not have the search engine market share that Google does, but it can still be effectively used to reach the right audience.

Facebook is globally dominant when it comes to social media with more than 1 billion active users; it’s also a major player when it comes to advertising platforms. For some businesses, Facebook is an unmatched partner in reaching the right audience. It’s also the gateway to Instagram ads.

LinkedIn ads offer access to the largest professional social network and, like Facebook ads, allow you to get granular with your ad targeting to industry, company and even job title.

Reporting & Dashboards

With PPC management services, it’s imperative to have a comprehensive monthly dashboard showing your results. As Google and SharpSpring partners, we can provide comprehensive PPC Analytics tools that measure everything from keyword rankings to phone call conversions. As an Atlanta-based PPC management company, Black Bear Design can help you systematically keep track of all online activities and key metrics. We employ industry recommended and trusted tools to give you an accurate picture of the performance of your website and your PPC marketing campaigns.

PPC Marketing Services That Gets Results

We measure results the same way you do: sales. We also measure all of the activities that lead to sales so we can improve every part of the process. We track click-thru rates, conversions, phone calls and all of the other basic metrics that are important to PPC management. Then, we take it to a whole new level with user-level analytics, real-time monitoring, heat maps, scroll maps, A/B testing and other metrics that help us make better decisions with page content, calls to action and conversions. We can also implement tools to fill your pipeline with any contacts that do not convert on your landing pages and put in place easy communication methods like live chat.

As an Atlanta PPC company, Black Bear Design would love to help you stand out in the pay per click forest.

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